It's Getting Hot In Here!

By: William McNamara and Marco Molinar

What is a wildfire?

A wildfire is and uncontrolled fire often consuming everything in it's path.

What causes wildfires?

Weather such as lighting and droughts can cause a wildfire. Humans can also cause wildfires when they have a fire during a dry season or when the fire that they made gets out of control.
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What you can do to stay safe? Where do they occur?

  • Well the best way to stay safe is to prevent a wildfire from happening
  • When a fire gets out of hand call 911 and let the firefighters put it out
  • Don't try to grab your stuff and just get out of the way of the wildfire
  • Don't have a campfire during a dry season
  • Always make sure dry wood and tinder is far away from your fire

They occur in forest & grassy areas

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How Does it Impact Environments & Humans?

It impacts the environment badly because it destroys habitats and it kills healthy plants and animals. It helps the environment by making room for new vegetation to grow (clears dead plants and animals). it also pollutes the air with emissions harmful to living things

It impacts humans badly because it destroys building or causes great damage to them. Also it destroys agricultural resources. It makes people evacuate from their homes and city's.

Fun Facts

  • 90% of wildfires are started bay humans
  • One of the biggest wildfires in recent history was in 1825 when a fire tore through Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, burning 3 million acres of forest.
  • "Crown Fires" are spread by wind moving quickly across the tops of trees
US - California wildfires force 82.000 people out of their homes, "worst may be ahead"

Now You Can Help!

You can go to and find many places that you can go volunteer to rebuild houses. Also you can help people when they need water or food after they got evacuated from there houses. We have a donation box that you can donate money to the people that lost their homes and help them rebuild!