Can we change the way we learn or think?

Idea of Achieving and Learning.

We all have different aspects of life and we all have a different mindsets.

One is called the Fixed Mindset.Yeah, sure many people say that "Oh we can't change the way we learn or how we understand". Those who say this are the Fixed Mindset, they believe that there intelligence and understanding has already been fixed.

On the other hand we also have the Growth Mindset. There the one's that believe that for them there intelligence and the ability to learn is still something that can still occur. They say " We'll do better next time".

Is It Possible to change the way you think or at least how you learn?

Others may think that children/teens are the only ones who should know if they can change the way they think and learn, but really is it? Well, the answer is No. Why? Sometimes even teachers, principals, counselors need to ask themselves the same question.


Teachers as well as children need the help and strategies because we all have a mindset. A teacher also either has a growth or fixed mindset. There mindset even effects how there impacting on a learners understanding.

Such as a fixed mindset teacher, when they see a student failing in the material, they believe that they won't be able to success in the subject.

However, the growth mindset teachers, are viewing a different way. While seeing a learner, fail or not achieving a material, they know it will be a challenge for them as teachers.

In Dweck's theory on the idea of Mindset, she has done research. In her report she says " The particular mindset a person has is not necessarily permanent".Which is saying that even teachers have the ability and choice to change the way they learn and teach.

A better way for teachers at this school, is to have the ability to understand learners and themselves, and how to help the learners, learn. They can do this by collaborating. with other leaders such as other teachers, principals, and counselors instead of just by themselves. Another way of teaching better, is to strive to make their practice better then accusing others. Something else is to believe in the learners that they are able to do it. Not only that but,also showing that they actually believe in the learners.


All Learners have a different mindset. This means that they won't all learn the same, understand the same, or do well on the subject as others will. Does that mean, that we aren't able to think or even learn differently or in another way?

Fixed Mindset, don't like to confront there challenges. If they themselves, failing or not understanding they give up and stop trying. Not only this but also if when they receive feedback is something bad for them.

The Growth Mindset learners, challenges for them is like learning something new. When they receive there feedback, it's something good and helps them do better the next time.

After looking at both mindsets it seems like they aren't able to change anything about them such as learning or thinking in different ways. Dweck's theory, doesn't say that, she on the other hand reports that, just by you having a type of mindset doesn't mean that's forever, it's not permanent. Which means that they are able to be changed.

Sometimes when reading about both mindsets, people have a change of ideas. Once they notice and figure out what they are from there mindsets, they want to react in a new growth-oriented way. This leads them to changing and learning in a different way. After all, we can change the way we learn and think!