Friday Flyer

Jeffers Pond Media Center

District Wide Book Fair at Grainwood Elementary

Monday, May 5th, 5-7:30pm

5061 Minnesota St SE

Prior Lake, MN

There will be a great selection of books to choose from. Stock up on summer reading titles and stop by the Art Fair too!

Free Comic Book Day May 3rd!

Walk into any comic book store and leave with a free comic book!

More details at this link. Check it out!

Books Due Beginning May 13th

The last week students may check out books will be May 6th (Day 1). Media books will be due back to the media center beginning the week of May 13th. Even though our books are due the week of May 13th, learning will continue! We will be wrapping up the year with a unit of study in information literacy. This unit will explore the different tricks and techniques the media uses to persuade us to think or feel a certain way. Students will also have a chance to visit various public library websites for book recommendations! Of course, Biblionasium is a great book sharing tool to use too!

Coding, Scratching and Creating!

Even though the school year is winding down, the media center is as busy as ever! Students in Second and Third grade have been enjoying coding projects with a program called Scratch. Scratch is a free software program developed by a group at MIT media lab. Students can use the program to create animations, games, and stories. Although we use the downloaded program in class, Scratch offers a free web based program on their website where students can share their creations with others around the world. Check it out!

Poetry with Google Apps and Publisher with State Creations

Fifth grade students have been familiarizing themselves with Google Apps. April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, students researched different forms of poetry and created a slide in Google Presentation to showcase their knowledge.

Fourth grade students have been working on Microsoft Publisher files in preparation for the Region Fest. Each student was given the task to create a brochure for the state they researched. They are excited to show off their hard work at the festival!


BotLogic has been the hot topic in First Grade. BotLogic is an educational game that challenges kids (and adults) to tackle logic problems. It teaches valuable programming concepts. Using simple commands, players program their bots to navigate through progressively challenging mazes. See more at:

Kindergarten students ask just about every day if they may visit Teach Your Monster to Read. It is a free, web based program that helps students with letter sounds, reading and spelling. Each kindergartner has a log in. If you would like to know it please contact me or your child'd teacher. (The students may know it themselves too!)