Blended Learning

Marlow, Sanguras, Strey, Zoda


Signed by the Learner and Parent. Handed out by Mrs. Zoda during class tomorrow.
  • Read over the handbook
  • Learner/Parent responsible for repair or current cost of any damage or loss
  • Students need to keep MacBook with them or locked up.
  • pg 3 What to do in the event of theft?
  • Return signature page with Learner signature and Parent/Guardian signature

Check Out Form

  • Students will be checked out MacBook, charger, and bag. All must be returned at the end of the year.
  • Return of MacBook, bag, charger prior to the last day of school.
  • You are responsible for buying a hard cover for protection

Optional Insurance

Not required, but strongly suggested
Purchase a warranty through a reputable vendor.

On school website, under iWest, there will be a link of a suggested vendor.

Technology issues

Let one of the iWest educators know and we will send in a help ticket.

Learning Platform is Blackboard

All iWest content is located on blackboard.
If you would like to log into blackboard, get you learner's log in information.


Please visit the HUB.
Rm 324

Clare Baldwin