History of Cell Phones

By: Alaina Smith

Cell Phones

I chose the history of cell phones because everyone around me is always fascinated with the new time of technology so why not just do a research project about it. Cell Phones have evolved into something different, first they started off as a big looking brick with an antenna for reception and now have something so small and can touch with the tip of our fingers. The first cellphone ever created, made its first call on April 3, 1973. Ever since that call was made on that day cellphones have never been the same.
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Cell Phones Affecting Life Today

There was really no historical documentaries or books I could find on the history of cell phones. I can tell you how cell phones have affected us in 2015. Thanks to all the new updates and cell phones coming out really we can do every in a touch of a button. Cell phones have given society today the chance to explore into the world without even going there. Cell phones let us communicate when we are 3000 miles away from each other. Cellphones have given us too many options to chose from but with out it I believe our world could be lost sometimes.

Taken Away From Assignment

I've taken away the fact that with out a cellphone i wouldn't know how to call my parents when i need there help or talk to my friends when were not together. when i need to look up my grades so i know i'm not doing bad in school. this project has given me the opportunity to look at society through a cellphone screen.