What's Relevant?

The Weekly Newsletter for Relevant Academy

Instagram Challenge/Picture Challenge

We want to know how Relevant Academy can launch you into your dreams and goals. So our challenge to you is to take a picture showing us what your career goals may be, for example if you are interested in becoming a doctor you could take a picture of you standing in front of a hospital or something more creative. We will be using these pictures in the hallway and for other upcoming projects. I will be sending you a video tutorial noodle on how to use Instagram to help you get started, once you have your picture send your photo to Stacey at sschuh@relevantacademy.org. If you would like to use another picture service that is fine too, just remember to send your picture to Stacey.

Lansing Community College

Hello Learners,

Are you searching for a career path and would like more information about attending LCC during high school? Then this might be just the thing for you.

On December 18th, there will be a visitation for all Sophomores and Juniors at the LCC West Campus for all Soph/Juniors. Please see Eric for more details.

Congratulations, Reached 80 Activities

Congratulations to the following students on reaching at least 80 activities this week. Great job!

Caitlyn Bedunah

Skylar Hill

James Lee

Josh Power

Ryan Woodman