by: Joshua Smith

What HFMD really is!

HFMD is an abbreviation for Hands, Feet, and Mouth disease. It is a very common infectious disease. It is caused by viruses in the enteroviruses group. HFMD mainly affects infants and children.

Background Knowledge

HFMD is a contagious virus. Infection is spread from person to person by direct contact. Mainly through nose and throat discharges, saliva, fluid from blisters, or the stool of an infected person. HFMD usually with a fever, poor appetite, malaise, and frequently with a sore throat. You have 3-7 days from when you get the disease to when you see it.
The mortality rate of HFMD is 0.08%. There is also no cure for HFMD because it is a virus. Many of outbreaks have occured in different areas of Asia, in these outbreaks there were a lot of Asian families had casualties.



  1. What is the relationship between “Hands, Feet, and Mouth disease” and the human body? My disease relates to the arms, legs, and mouth of an infant or child.
  2. What would happen if “Hands, Feet, and Mouth disease” spread through common animals such as dogs and cats? The rate of infection would more than likely increase depending on how common animals are in an area.
  3. Why do you think "Hands, Feet, and Mouth Disease" has had an outbreak? I think that HFMD had an outbreak in Asia mainly because the places in Asia that HFMD occurred are not really that sanitary, which over time may cause HFMD to produce a major outbreak.
  4. What would you predict as the outcome of having "Hands, Feet, and Mouth Disease" for a long time? If you had HFMD for a long time then not many people would like you. From the blisters on your face, arms, and legs, a lot of people would probably make fun of you. You would probably commit suicide before HFMD kills you. So you might want to stay away from people who have HFMD and wash your hands just in case.
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