FOR SALE- Granger House

PRICE- £342.000

Ready And Waiting For Your Arrival!

A brand new house, waiting for a fresh new start accompanied by you. With it's exotic ambiance surrounding it, the Granger house will fullfill many people's dreams as it's fully equiped with brand new technology to offer you the best, luxurious environment while still keeping it small and personal in order for you to spend the much appreciated moments with your close ones. Living in a house like this will make it enjoyable to stay at home and instead of feeling bored, it will feel like you're on a holiday. Ready to mold after your preferences, the Granger house is perfect for a new beginning and a new chapter in your life!
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Living Up To Your Standards!

Swimming Pool

To make your dream house even more of a dream, the Granger house also contains a swimming pool. The pool is very modern as the water's temperature can be controlled by you but you can also make it into a jacuzzi when wanting to treat yourself a bit. As you can see in the picture, the 2 side walls are open/removed in oredr for you to get the full exotic experience in the summer, however in the winter when the weather gets too cold, both walls have 2 very strong metal "fake" walls that you have to pull down which restraint heat and are for your protection.

A New Beginning In A New House!