summer term 2019

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A message from the principal

Welcome to our summer newsletter which draws together a fantastic year at Uxbridge High School. You will find below a snapshot of the life of the school, including our events and achievements over the last term. Most notably we are delighted that our Year 11 and sixth form students have now successfully completed all of their external examinations. We, and they, are rightly very optimistic ahead of the results being published in August.

As the academic year closes it has been a pleasure for our staff to visit our primary feeder schools and to welcome our new Year 7 students. Welcome also to our new Year 7 parents who may be reading out newsletter for the first time.

At this time of year we always have occasion to say goodbye to some of our staff who are moving on to other roles and promotions. I am sure that you will share with me in thanking each and every one of them for the impact they have made on the students of Uxbridge High School whilst working with us. Looking forward, I am delighted to confirm that we have a full complement of teachers in place for September, including both experienced staff from other schools and colleagues new to the profession.

There are a few small changes to our uniform policy and supply of which parents have already been informed. The details are detailed again in the newsletter below.

You will also find below a summary of important dates for the end of the summer term and the start of the autumn term.


An update on our curriculum

We are determined to make sure that our curriculum is up to date, offering our students the best opportunity for breadth of study and enrichment. In turn, when the time comes this underpins their ability to achieve well in formal qualifications. Here is a summary of our recent curriculum work.

Moving forward, we have divided the students learning journey into four distinct phases, of which you will see and hear more of on our documentation and reports. These phases are: foundation (Years 7 and 8); transition (Year 9); mastery (Years 10 and 11) and advanced (Years 12 and 13). There is a brief summary below and a more detailed explanation on our website here: > teaching and learning > curriculum.


During Years 7 and 8, our students develop and build upon their learning from primary school. Their experiences are enriched across a wide range of subjects, all of which are considered to be of equal importance. Students study: art; citizenship; computer science; design & technology; drama; maths; music; English; geography; history; modern foreign languages (French/Spanish); physical education; religious education and science. We recognise that students’ learning during these years provides the building blocks they need to be successful learners and confident thinkers.


In Year 9, students follow a curriculum which enables them to transition towards mastering the knowledge and skills required to gain GCSEs or equivalent vocational qualifications. They continue to study a breadth of subjects covering the arts, languages, humanities, computing and design technology. However, they have the opportunity to begin to specialise and to gain the depth of understanding required to study for future formal qualifications. Students specialise in a humanity (geography or history), a performing arts subject (music, art or drama) and a technology subject to prepare them to make the final option decisions at the end of Year 9.


In Years 10 and 11, students enter the mastery phase of our curriculum, where they will begin to study for formal qualifications. We have designed this phase to allow choice and flexibility, whilst ensuring a broad and balanced range of subjects, keeping future advanced study and career options open. Students can choose a suite of subjects that best suit their interests, learning styles and to maximise their future success.

Mastery is built upon our core academic curriculum of English, mathematics, science and religious education.

Students will study full examination courses in all of these subjects.

A wide range of other subject choices are offered equally to all students allowing them the opportunity for further specialism. They will usually study 8 or 9 subjects in total, with optional subjects drawn from art & design, photography, psychology, sociology, business studies, engineering or design & technology, computer science, music or music technology, drama, physical education or sports studies, history, geography, languages, design technology, health and social care or hospitality & catering.

Students who choose a combination of subjects that include English, mathematics, science, history or geography and a modern foreign language will achieve the ‘English Baccalaureate’. This is open to all students, but is entirely optional.

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In our sixth form Years 12 and 13), students follow our advanced programmes of study, that include a wide range of A-levels and a suite of vocational qualifications at both levels 2 and 3. Students are able to mix and match academic and vocational qualifications to suit their strengths and aspirations for university and college education, training or employment when they leave us. The sixth form curriculum provides students with qualifications that are challenging and valued in life beyond UHS.

Our Wider Curriculum

As a school we create exceptional opportunities beyond timetabled lessons and consider these to be an important part of our students’ curriculum. Activities which will form life long memories and contribute to the enrichment of our students’ character. These are delivered through subjects, our citizenship programme, assemblies, tutor time, trips and visits, clubs, special events, teams and throughout the day-to-day life of school.

This wider curriculum contributes to our students’ personal skills, knowledge and qualities such as working effectively in teams, study skills, literacy skills, a love of reading, critical thinking and practical skills. Our students become socially aware, support and respect each other’s differences and harmoniously embrace our PROUD values.

A visit to one of our Twitter accounts (please see links listed below) or indeed the content of this newsletter will give you an immediate insight into these aspects of our curriculum.

If you have any queries about our curriculum, any member of senior staff would be delighted to discuss these with you.

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Geography trips - Miss Charlebois

Year 7 geography trip to the living rainforest in Surrey

48 lucky students had a great day in the greenhouses of the 'living rainforest', where they experienced 2 different climates of the rainforest and saw more than 20 species of animals, including a sloth, snakes and a multitude of tropical birds. The 4 groups were also treated to a walking tour of the greenhouses to discuss the issues of deforestation, lack of policies by government and the importance of sustainability of the forests in the world. This is to link directly to the lessons on the importance of forests in the world and the need for each person to think about their actions on the rainforest, especially when choosing products to buy. The students had time to research some information about the animals and their adaptation to their habitat.

Thank you to all the humanities and FLC staff and students for making this a brilliant day.

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Year 10 geography trip to Amersham and the River Chess

The Year 10 geographers had a chance to conduct river studies on 17th & 18th July 2019 with the expertise knowledge of the FSC (Field Studies Council). This will greatly help them with 30% of their GCSE course, as they were able to use methodology learnt in lessons such as calculating the width, the height, the velocity of the river and to categorise sediment to understand the changes in a river from upper to lower course.

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Dorset A Level geography trip to Lulworth Cove and Swanage

The A Level geography class went on a two day trip on 7th - 8th June to collect primary data on land forms and processes on the Jurassic Coast. They visited Lulworth Castle and its estate and learned about land forms and processes of Lulworth Cove. We were lucky to be able to have a great sunny day in Swanage on the second day where the students completed their data collection for their coursework. It was a lovely time to be geographers.

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Literacy work - Miss Moore

Promoting our students literacy continues to be a priority at Uxbridge High School going into the final summer term. Foundation phase (Year 7 & 8) students have been sailing through their accelerated reader books and taking quizzes in a final push to win the coveted 'most words read' prize at the end of the year! Our wonderful library updates stock regularly to provide the students with the latest reads as well as running a successful book club on Monday lunchtimes and a Manga club on Wednesdays for all our anime fans. Intervention classes will continue to run until the end of the school year with every opportunity being given to supporting all literacy needs. In particular Miss Phillips' class have been using Read Write Inc resources to develop phonics and comprehension skills.

It has been great to see our sixth form students reading every morning during form time with Ms Cummings' Year 7 intervention group. Not only has this helped the Year 7 students with reading and vocabulary, but it has allowed the sixth form students to develop their own mentoring skills. This term we have also paired Year 10 forms with Year 7 forms to enjoy some morning reading in the library.

Library: Ms Sibblis-Boyce:


A big well done to Foundation phase (Year 7 and Year 8) students who have read so many words between March and May 2019. Keep reading!


Lily Segal – 858,815

Vernon Wadhwa – 585,617

Yusuf Sajidh – 374, 904

Moskan Hakimullah – 350,752

Charlie Rao – 327,294

Herkus Masiulis – 313,581

Emma Gibbs – 287,905

Taybah Uddin – 280,703


Zahra Uddin – 740,010

Charan Baskaran – 473,652

Sunmeet Bedi – 391,264

Arjun Kang – 371,734

Nazifa Bakar – 358,336

Jonathan Koziel – 337,182

Emma Hrab – 318,192

Sinead Underwood – 252,702

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Numeracy work - Mr Patten

Foundation phase (Years 7 & 8) maths and numeracy club continues to run every Tuesday from 3:05pm - 4:00pm in L108. Students have been making great progress on their numeracy skills throughout the year and are working hard to achieve a black belt on their 'numeracy ninja challenge'.

Transition phase students in Year 9 sat a combined science and maths test during their end of Foundation phase exams in March. The science and maths departments have been working in collaboration this year to improve the cross-curricular links with numeracy and science in their respective subjects.

Mastery phase (Years 10 & 11) maths club is also still taking place every Wednesday after school in L110 from 3:05pm - 4:00pm. Any student in mastery phase can attend.

modern foreign languages exams - Miss Goddard

Many top universities now like students to have a French, Spanish or German GCSE before they accept them onto degree courses - from medicine to sports science to engineering! The Uxbridge High School MFL department would like to recognise the hard work of our young linguists in this years exams and wish them every success in the future.

HASBRO - Mrs Le-Gall

As part of a mentoring programme with HASBRO Year 10 students had the chance to visit their mentors at their place of work HASBRO head quarters, in Stockley Park. It gave them a great insight into the world of work and a chance to experience working for a large international business.

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science - Ms Kaur

Our future scientists!

In October 2018, five students across the foundation phase were selected through a tough application process and have been involved in working towards the nationally recognised Bronze Crest Award. Mason Farrance, Tayyaba Shah, Nehaa Vetrivel, Gurharsh Singh and Gurshan Singh have successfully planned and carried out investigations, which included determining how healthy various foods are. This involved collecting and analysing data through many experiments and then calculating and comparing the energy content of the foods. Although their experiments were successful, they have creatively worked through any barriers they came across and persevered throughout the project. Well done to the students for their hard work and tremendous effort!

@uxbridgehighshcool @futurescientists

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ZSL London Zoo

On the 14th June, 60 students from Year 7 visited ZSL London Zoo where they gained a deeper understanding about food chains, animal adaptations, and how species of one population affects the population of another. Throughout the day, students explored where various species and animals live. Students also attended a planned session at the zoo, where they learned about the 'climate change' project and to think about what they can do to make earth more sustainable.

@uxbridgehighsch @zsllondonzoo

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Year 10 careers day - Mrs Le-Gall

Year 10 took part in a very successful careers day during which they practiced team and employability skills with Job Centre Plus. They learned about their own strengths and how they could use these in the world of work. They gained useful techniques from Push (award-winning outreach since 1992 developing students' employability and promoting informed choices) about study skills and revision.

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Post 18 options day - Mrs Le-Gall

Year 12 recently took part in a Post 18 options day, which included learning about the different levels of apprenticeships, going to university, how to write a personal statement, gap year ideas and meeting two successful alumni students.

Year 9 Girls' Engineering Summer School - Ms Kaur

Our congratulations to Nazrin Younga, who has been selected for the Year 9 girls' Engineering Summer School at Imperial College London. The summer school is non-residential and will take place from 27th August - 31st August 2019. Nazrin will tackle challenges across engineering utilising their knowledge of maths, physics, chemistry and biology to learn how engineers use their scientific knowledge to develop solutions to real world problems.

In addition to this, two Year 12 students have been selected to carry out work experience at Parexel in July. Working at this global company, which provides bio pharmaceutical services that help clients across the globe transform scientific discoveries into reality. Students will get an insight into the development of new treatments through clinical trials and regulations.

Well done to all the students who participated in the above activities.

Prison me! No Way! - Mr Palmer

This term, Prison Me! No-Way! visited our Year 8 students. This involved an interactive tour of a replica cell which visually presents inmates' living conditions. PMNW's core aim is raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime.

We were proud when Dominic, one of the ex-police officers in attendance told us "UHS have some of the best behaviour I have ever seen in a school visit"

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Maths: UKMT Challenge - Miss Devani & Mr Patten

Congratulations to the students who won certificates in the foundation, transition and mastery phase UKMT maths Challenge. The students took part in a national challenge which tested their mathematical reasoning, numeracy and problem solving skills. They achieved high enough scores to secure their certificate of commendation. Special mention to Callum Matthew-Lee in Year 10 who achieved the highest score for the school.

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mental health awareness week

This term, our mental health ambassadors gave an informative assembly as part of mental health awareness week. They gave students advice on how to deal with stress and gave exam pressure tips.

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executive chef visit

Michael Dutnall MCA, executive chef of the prestigious Royal Air Force Club in Mayfair, came in and cooked with our students. Michael helped them create dishes such as mackerel ceviche, plaice goujons and seabass fillets.

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Haven residential home visit - Anita Le-Gall

Year 10 and 12 students recently visited Haven residential home for the elderly in Hatch End. During their visits they found out about the residents' life experiences, played board games with them and performed by playing instruments and singing.

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Welcome to our upcoming Year 7 students: Induction day

It was a pleasure to welcome all of our new Year 7 students for September to the UHS induction day on Tuesday 2nd July. Students had a fantastic time making new friends and taking part in lessons across different subjects. We look forward to welcoming back all of our new Year 7 students in September.

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Welcoming our students: sixth form induction day

We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming our new year 12 students for our induction day. We look forward to seeing them again on GCSE results day. Students are joining us from a wide range of Hillingdon schools and of course most of our own students choose to stay with us. We are proud to welcome them to one of the top performing sixth forms in the country.

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Year 5 visit from Whitehall Junior School

On Tuesday 9th July we welcomed Year 5 students from Whitehall Junior school who, in their groups (Eagles, Owls, Penguins and Swallows), got to experience several lessons such as art, science, drama and music. They spent their morning doing a range of activities from creating their own mythical bugs in art to seeing and hearing reactions in science.

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Gardening with Luke, a Year 8 student - Mrs McLaren

Recently, a number of students immensely helped by Henry from our site team, have been gardening. We have planted potatoes, strawberry plants, green beans and corn. We have also started to build a 'bug hotel' and have planted a bee friendly area of the garden. Our next project is to clear the pond and to replant our Russian sunflower plants.

Luke commented "The gardening has really improved my motivation in lessons as I know it is somewhere I can go and be calm. I know the other students really enjoy gardening and the students in Year 9 have been so good at clearing the garden, before we plant our flowers and vegetables. Henry has shown us how to plant our crops and helped us make the bug hotel".

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PE - Mr Emery

This summer term has already seen many exciting events, fixtures and tournaments take place, with yet more to look forward to!

We witnessed possibly our best sports day to date at the end of half term in May. A hugely positive day with some really exciting competition throughout. A massive well done must go to York house though who won both Years 8 and 9, taking the overall winners trophy for sports day. We also saw some of our records broken with some fantastic running, jumping and throwing from many promising athletes across foundation phase.

Throughout the summer term we always look forward to athletics, cricket and rounders fixtures and we have already picked up wins across each of these sports. Our Year 9 boys cricket team still remain unbeaten whilst our Year 10s will look to challenge for the borough trophy for the second year running. Students have also been playing rounders in the sunshine, travelling the borough with much success and Year 7s winning their first rounders games.

We also held our first dance showcase this term. Students worked tirelessly, auditioning for a spot in what was an incredible first show. Students performed their routines as a group and individually to a capacity crowd.

Throughout the Easter holidays, some of our students were also fortunate enough to go on the first ever UHS ski trip at the Alpe d'huez ski resort in France. Students and staff all had an amazing time, with much flying and falling down the slopes. A special thanks must go to Mr Wolf for organising such a successful trip.

The PE department would also like to say a massive well done to all of our Year 11 students who took their GCSE theory exams in May. All students worked incredibly hard through what is an extremely stressful period and we wish them all the best for what we are sure will be a hugely positive results day in August.

We have had some amazing athletics success with many students progressing through to represent Hillingdon at the Middlesex athletics. Millie, Aryan, Lewis, Abdi, Kaden and Mya all competed at Allianz park, home of Saracens rugby team. Aryan made the next step and progressed through to represent Middlesex at the England schools in Birmingham, after throwing a whopping 45 metres - what an amazing achievement.

Lastly, please keep an eye out for the UHS team of the year. Students who have demonstrated amazing continued effort in lessons, consistently attended extra-curricular clubs, represented the school and have shown a fantastic attitude throughout the year will be in with a chance of making the team of the year. We would also like to say a massive well done to all of those students who continue to turn up to extra-curricular clubs and represent the school across all sports - you are all amazing!

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Sports day

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Our successful athletics students: Kaden, Aryan, Mya and Abdi

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Staff and students at the Alpe d'huez ski resort in France

Mr Janar - WUKF world championships 2019

Recently Mr Janar, head of house of York house celebrated success when he competed in the WUKF world championships, winning the gold medal. Congratulations to Mr Janar on such an impressive achievement.

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Can I thank you for your support in ensuring that your child has worn full school uniform throughout this year, as we pride ourselves on our high uniform standards. We believe our uniform plays a big part in fostering a studious working atmosphere and enables students to view themselves as equal partners in a positive learning community.

In preparing for next academic year, you will find full details of our school uniform on our website: / care & support / uniform and equipment.

Please particularly note that we are making small changes to our compulsory uniform from September 2019. Those students moving in to Years 7, 8 and 9 that would like to wear a skirt, will be required to wear the one only available from our uniform suppliers. This is a plain black, pleated skirt. Please note that all students have the option to wear trousers, if they so wish.

We are also asking that students wear plain black leather-look shoes and canvas/trainers will not be accepted as suitable footwear from September.

Our uniform is only available to purchase online via our uniform suppliers, SWI Schoolwear ( and is not sold in shops. If purchased elsewhere you may find the uniform to be of inferior quality and does not comply with our standard uniform requirements.


This term Uxbridge High School has held informative and insightful assemblies on the following subjects: charity and volunteering, rewards, Fairtrade fortnight, the rule of law, international week, democracy, initiative, technology week and healthy lifestyles.

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Catering information

Following a review of our catering provision at the school, we are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Alliance in Partnership (AiP) from September 2019. Throughout the summer holidays, the canteen and panini bars will be rebranded with their signature style and will become a much brighter and exciting area. Students will not only notice a visual difference when they come back in September, but also a revised food offer with a new range of food and drinks at breakfast, break, lunch and after school. The lunch menu for September will be available on the school website. There is no change to the current method of payment.

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On Tuesday 18th June 2019, we held our summer art and music show. This consisted of an art exhibition and music show and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Well done to all who were involved.

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RSC Associate schools Festival 2019

We look forward to this event before we break up. We will be welcoming students from Haydon, Hayes Park and Whitehall Juniors to perform on our open air stage.

Soccer aid week 2019 - Mr Humpleby

During the UniCef SoccerAid playground challenge week, we had many students taking part in different challenges including a crossbar challenge, penalty shoot out and keepy uppys. The students managed to raise a fantastic £172 which will be doubled by the government. This means we will be donating £344 to this amazing charity.

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School council

This term, the school council met to discuss many matters including Brexit, technology taking over human jobs, countries where homosexuality is still illegal, stabbings in London and Jeremy Hunt's comments on abortion.

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Dance Showcase

On Tuesday 9th July on the Orsino Stage we had our Dance showcase. All monies raised at this event went towards the team being able to purchase their own dance uniforms.

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School improvement works

Significant improvement works have been started on the school premises recently. The flat roofing project on the main building is well under way and is scheduled to take 21 weeks and will be completed by the end of October. The works have had minimal impact on the students learning experience, but this will continue to be monitored until completion. Once complete the new roof will improve our insulation and reduce energy loss.

Thank you to the facilities team for their assistance during this time.

Bronze Commendation students - Miss Skill: Student Rewards Leader

Please join us in congratulating all of our students who have achieved Bronze commendations this year. Each student accumulating a large number of positive character credits in recognition of their academic work and contribution to the school.

Year 7

Phoebe Childs (280 character credits), Simer Malhotra (286 character credits), George Summervile (317 character credits), Mason Farrance (291character credits),

Mansoor Ameeri (292 character credits), Patihan Niven (311 character credits), Ellen Hillbeck (312 character credits)

Year 8

Gurshan Singh (337 character credits), Sunmeet Bedi (319 character credits)

Year 10

Courtney Feeney (250 character credits), Hannah Tomalin (185 character credits), Christine Todd (260 character credits), Paula Zielonka (186 character credits),

Ilhan Abdi (231 character credits), Simran Rayit (186 character credits), Austin Fernandes (224 character credits), Harriesh Greesan (186 character credits), Madison Mitchell (223 character credits), Frankie Major (187 character credits), David Lema Torres (206 character credits), Hannah Rogers (188 character credits), Reece Keary (204 character credits), Callum Matthew-Lee (188 character credits), Gabriel Mysiak (202 character credits), Emily Friend (188 character credits), Laraib Waqar (185 character credits), Josh Rudki (189 character credits)

Technology week - Mr Buckley

"This years Technology week was all about celebrating the heroes of design & technology. Throughout each of the assemblies we celebrated male and female heroes of design within society. We also highlighted staff and students within the D&T department that have exhibited the PROUD values within their work. During the week students created hero pencil toppers and badges on the stage, which were extremely popular. In the food technology room students designed gingerbread men of famous superheroes and their favourite teachers. Each member of staff and all the students that took part show a real enthusiasm and passion for design and technology."

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Action research projects - Mr Layfield

Uxbridge High School has been embracing with world of EdTech (Education Technology). Students have used Interland, a fun program created by Google which teaches the modern fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship through hands-on practice as well as CS First, another program created by Google to learn coding. Students have also been using Khan Academy, an organisation revolutionising education through the use of cutting-edge adaptive technology and personalised learning. A study conducted by the Albertson Family Foundation across 47 schools reported that students who completed 60% or more of their work using Khan Academy on average progressed 1.8 times their expected development in one year.

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Writing History with style! - Mr Head

Recently Year 7 pupils have been crafting stylish pieces of analytical history writing. Their work, which has focussed on the impact of the terrifying black death on England’s medieval villages, has included dramatic role-plays, reading a challenging extract from the world renowned historian Simon Schama, as well as their own writing tasks. All of this has culminated in some wonderfully engaging pieces of historical writing that demonstrate that UHS students know how to write about history with style!

It has been tremendous to see the students’ enthusiasm for the tasks at hand and the resultant progress in their writing abilities. Extended writing is a demanding skill, especially when doubled up with the complexities of medieval society and the economic structures rocked by an apocalyptic epidemic. A huge well done to our wonderfully talented Year 7!

Year 11 Prom

This year the Year 11 prom was held at the Pinewood Hotel. The students had an excellent time dancing the night away and were kept energised and hydrated by a wonderful selection of food and beverages.

Later in the evening, the Year 11 award winners were announced varying from the the award for the funniest student to the student most likely to win 'Britain's Got Talent'.

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Keeping safe

Safety and wellbeing is our top priority and I would like to remind parents that we have a wealth of useful information and sources of support and help on our website. This includes advice and information on safeguarding, e-safety, self-harm, etc. We have also recently gained access to operation encompass, which has been developed to give extra support to anyone experiencing domestic abuse.

As a school, we welcome the support of our local police through our dedicated safer schools officers and we are working with them to emphasise the importance of personal safety. In support of this, a ‘security arch’ and a security dog on the school site, for one day this term.

Although we are fortunate not to have an issue with violence in our school, we are committed to the safety of our students and seek to do all we can to continue this. With the current issues with knife crime facing the country, our safer schools officer has asked that we reach out to you as parents to be vigilant in your homes with regard to knives going missing.

If you have any concerns we urge you to speak with our house teams here at the school who can then speak with you or pass your details on to our safer schools officer.

Lessons in safety: K9 visit

We had a visit from the security dog, Marley, courtesy of K9 deployment who was very popular with our students.

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operation encompass

The school has been given the opportunity to take part in a project that will run jointly between schools and the Metropolitan Police Service. This project is known as Operation Encompass.

Operation Encompass is the notification to schools that a child (under 18) has been exposed to, or involved in, any domestic incident. This will ordinarily be done by the start of the next school day.

Operation Encompass will ensure that a specially trained member of the school staff, known as a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), is informed. The DSL can then use the information that has been shared, in confidence, to ensure the well being of the child.

The school may be able to make provisions or adjustments to assist the child and their family.

We are keen to offer the best support possible to all our students and we believe this will be extremely beneficial for all those involved.

If parents require more information, please contact the school.

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Twitter & Instagram

Please feel free to browse our Instagram and Twitter accounts for up to date information and updates on the variety of activities taking place at Uxbridge High School.

Please note that our accounts are public and you can browse them at any time without having to sign up for an account.

End of term information & important dates for the diary

Please be reminded that the summer term ends on Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Supervised dismissal will happen from 12:15pm - 12:30pm.

School returns on Thursday, 5th September at 8.40am for all our new Year 7 students, Year 11 and sixth form. Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will return on Friday, 6th September at 8.40am.