Bond Construction Update

Castleberry ISD

Castleberry Elementary School

The new Castleberry Elementary is quickly emerging as steel beams are being erected and concrete slabs have been poured. We expect to see great progress this next month as we see the elementary take the "C" shape. The new 82,000 square-foot elementary replaces the original campus built in 1938. The $13.5 million facility will be the second replacement elementary school for the Castleberry Independent School District and the final construction project from the 2010 Bond Election. The site location is on the northwest corner of Roberts Cut-Off and Tulane Ave., directly behind the current historic elementary school. Castleberry Elementary is scheduled to open in August, 2013, as a prekindergarten through fifth grade campus.

Castleberry Cafe Complete

On September 24th, excited elementary school students and staff were able to begin using the newly remodeled cafertorium. The new elementary will be connected to the remodeled cafertorium at Castleberry Elementary. The cafeteria has two serving lines and seats up to 375 students. The stage was moved to the opposite side of the building with a back entrance and ADA compliant ramp. The gymnasium will be repainted and have new flooring prior to the start of school in August, 2013.