Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


We are going to do vinegar, iodine, litmus paper, and PR. We are going to test the Pr because we think it will turn a pink, brown or orange. We are going to test vinegar because we think it will fizz. We are going to do Iodine to see if it has starch. We are going to do litmus paper because we what to see what the PH is on the scale to see if it is a acid or a base.


Our group thinks its red, green, and purple. We think it was red because it looked like the red powder. We think its green because we could feel it. We think its purple because we can feel the crystaly stuff in it. I also think that with all of those colors together that it came from the bakery because purple looks like sugar, and we thought that red was baking soda

Learning Message

In this unit I leaned that iodine tests for starch. I learned that PR is an indicator for acids. I learned that what cross contamination means. I learned what the difference is between chemical reactions and physical reactions.