DELTA Details

6th grade

Independent Study

We have been hard at work on our independent studies! The students have each chosen very interesting topics! I know their presentations will be great when they are finished in May but between the starting point and the presentations we have been doing a whole lot of work! We discussed the details of the study in January and they have been researching in class. We should have 75 note cards completed by the end of this quarter. I will contact parents if your child is behind and needs extra time (after school or at home) to get this research completed. It is very important to stay on top of the research because 4th quarter will be full of deadlines and the final presentation.

Have a WONDERFUL Spring Break! The kids need the break; an opportunity to sleep in, have some fun and relax! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate! It is hard to believe how nice this week has been!

How the Independent Study will be graded

3rd Quarter: 75 note cards

4th Quarter:

The remainder of the note cards - Minimum of 25 more (total 100)

7 sources - The sources will be cited and can come from the internet, book, interview, articles, newspapers, encyclopedia, etc.

Presentation - (Powerpoint- Prezi )- Sharing their knowledge and understanding of their topic.

Product for Application

Product for Analysis

Product for Synthesis

Product for Evaluation

The students determined what they were going to make for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy - this will guide their questions and research and how they will present the information. We are doing these activities in class but the students may need supplies.

I will send you more information on this after Spring Break.


The sixth graders are working in partners to create and build a robot. They are learning the basics in robot design and if they have time, exploring the computer program to program their robot. This is a 10 day "power break" from their independent study. Hopefully, when we our presentations are completed in May, we will have time to learn more about Robotics and programming. The sixth graders are pre-engineers in preparation for next year's Robotics competition (First Lego League). .... Lots of Fun!

How Do We Benefit From an Independent Study?

In addition to in-depth knowledge about a topic of our choice, students also learn about a variety of topics from their classmates. We brainstormed the added benefits and skills that we are gaining while completing this semester study. This is a list that the sixth graders compiled in less than two minutes. They are a very wise, mature and smart group of kids! Another reminder of why I have the best job in Platte County!


Summarize - Comprehension
Presentation - Public Speaking
Time Management
Higher level thinking
Writing and understanding Bloom's taxonomy
Power Reading

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