Latin America

All about the countries of Latin America

The History of the Aztecs

The Aztecs were the aborigines of Mexico. Their capital was in current day Mexico City, Mexico. In the 1500s, it was called Tenochtitlan, and the Aztecs built it in the middle of a lake. Hernan Cortez, a conquistador, took over and put an end to the Aztec Empire. Cortez came in saying he was Quetzalcoatl, a powerful God in the Aztecs' beliefs. Consequently, he was treated like a god, and anything Cortez did was worshipped, even killing people. Cortez left and came back with much more supplies. Cortez and his men blocked all of the exits out of the city and attacked. They won, but fighting wasn't the main reason. The Aztecs were weakened and killed by European diseases.



The Amazon Rainforest Environmental Concerns

We need your help! The Amazon Rainforest is be eliminated with deforestation. The Amazon Rainforest is super important for all of us. It's where some medicines come from, it provides oxygen, and most importantly, it's where chocolate is made! A world without oxygen, medicine, and chocolate would be a hard world to live in! We need to stop the cutting down of trees in the Amazon Rainforest. So far, we have a few possible solutions. First, we are considering scattering security cameras and guards around the rainforest and at possible entrances. Also, we want to put more laws in place so that it is illegal to cut down the trees or make anything from them. We also want to do a huge replanting of the trees, though the trees take a very long time to grow. Please email us with any recommendations you have. Thanks!


Cuba's Government

Cuba has an autocratic government. They have a dictator, making them a unitary government. The dictator of Cuba is Raul Castro, the brother of the former dictator Fidel Castro. There is no set length of term, Fidel Castro only stopped because he gave up his power to his healthier brother. Talk about a family business! An issue with Cuba's government is that they have a dictator. I would hate to live there.


Brazil's Economy Bio.

Brazil, home of Carnival, has a mixed market economy. They are the 7th largest country economically, giving them a whooping GDP of $3.3 trillion and $16,096 GDP per capita. That's a lot of money! The literacy rate of Brazil is 90.4%, which is 4% more that the US. Brazil must be smart. China, The United States, and Argentina are the three main trading partners of Brazil. When importing goods from the United States, Brazil imports tons of machinery. The United States receives their fair share of oil seed from Brazil making it the #1 export from Brazil to the US.