Fall 2016 Newsletter

Environmental Studies

Before the Flood Film Screening

NIU's Environmental Studies Department hosted a film Screening of Before the Flood on October 27th. Before the Flood is a look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. The film features Leonardo DiCaprio, President Barack Obama, Ban Ki Moon, Elon Musk and many more notable persons. The film screening was free to all universities across the United States.

You can now purchase the video on YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, etc.

Green Office Initiative Update

This time last year a new restructured program to make offices across campus more green was released. Since then, the Student Association has taken control of the program and has been encouraging offices across campus to participate. Today, there are 28 offices certified at the Bronze Level, 19 at the Silver level, and 10 at the Gold level.

New Student Association Director of Environmental Affairs

"My name is Jessica McKay and I am ecstatic to be serving as this year's Director of Environmental Affairs for the NIU Student Association. I am a Senior Geology and Environmental Geosciences major, with an emphasis in Environmental Geosciences and a minor in Geography.

In my time at NIU I have served as a Senator for the Student Association's Legislative Branch where I was the a member of the Public Affairs Committee and Vice Chairwoman of the newly standing Environmental Affairs Committee. Outside of the Student Association, I am a Community Advisor for Grant Hall and President of the NIU Geology Club.

As Director of Environmental Affairs I plan to help NIU to become a more environmentally friendly campus. I will do this by collaborating with many of the green and environmentally focused organizations on campus to promote sustainability and environmental awareness amongst NIU’s students. In addition, I hope to grow the Green Office Program by expanding it to all departments and colleges within NIU, and plan on having at least one green office in each department or college by the years end. NIU is already making great strides in becoming more environmentally sustainable, but I believe we can do even more. Continuing to hold events such as Earth Week and other awareness programs is an essential step in reaching our goal towards a more sustainable future. I can’t wait to work with the student body, community, and the Student Association to make NIU and the surrounding community a greener and more environmentally friendly place to live and learn."

Taken from http://niu.edu/sa/president/executive/environmental/index.shtml

Institute for the Study of Environment, Sustainability, and Energy (ESE)

We exist to foster research, education and community engagement about the environment and sustainability.

We offer two undergraduate degrees in environmental studies: a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. These interdisciplinary programs feature classes and research led by NIU faculty from several different colleges. To further customize your course of study, you can draw from your personal, intellectual and professional interests to choose from the following six areas of emphasis:

Biodiversity and Environmental Restoration

Energy Studies

Environmental Policy

Nature in Society

Non-Governmental Organizations

Water Sciences