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Role of DNA in Biotechnology

Well by understanding how DNA works we can make more advances in biotechnology. Missing persons and murderers DNA from things they've touched can help find them through biotechnology. We can also repair DNA structures through biotechnology by gene therapy.

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing

It is used to rewrite DNA to alter the cells orginal function.

How is biotechnology used in evirolmental clean up?

Biotechnology can help clean up the eviroment by breaking up many chemicals. Inculding many sweage plant use biotechnology to clean the sweage.
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How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology can be used in agriculture by being able to modify cells in plant and animals to increase the value.

What are the negitive impacts of biotechnology?

Their are many disavanges of biotechnology like animals with enhanced or genitcly avanced cells, harmful chemicals, and loss of biodiversty.

Greenhouse and Feild technican

They use biotechnology in the wok place like green house and field technician by needing to know how cell reproduce and pollinate.
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NC is ranked number 8 int the united states

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