Child Labor

Who is making your everyday product?

Child Laborers and Major Retaliers by Jake MacGregor

Without retailers the trade industry would not be where it is today, but not many people know that major retailers such as Hanes use child labor to make their products. Only 36 out of 42 retailers had established codes of conduct for their suppliers that prohibited child labor. This means that six of your major retailers use child labor to make their products. Also on top of being put to work these children work in horrible conditions that are dangerous for their safety and are punished if they do not meet the quota of how many products they have to make a day. People need to be aware that child labor is used to make some of their everyday products and we need to work together to put a stop to these cruel and unruly acts.

maps and charts

Profit from child labour

The pie chart above shows who makes how much profit from Child Labour and the #1 was Sub-Sahara Africa
Child Labor: 11 year-old Halima sews clothing for Hanes

Child Labor, Good or Bad

We all know that Child Labour is bad. It takes away a child's childhood, forces them to work crazy hours and gives them little or no pay. In some cases the children are kidnapped and forced to work, other times children are sold and made to work, or their parents make them work to pay for things for the house. A lot of time the Child doesn't even get the money. From a developed countries point of view this sounds horrible, but is it really? In a Time Magazine article an anonymous boy said "To you people these conditions are horrible, to us they're standard. To you i should be in school but me, I'm feeding my family". Child Labour is one of those topics where either way the governments go. to abolish it like UNICEF wants to or turn a blind eye on it, it will get criticized for it. On one hand you're giving children the right to an education and childhood on the other hand you're giving them chance to eat.