TMS EOG Test Training

2015-2016 Test Training Materials and Information

The Big Don'ts - Because I still believe Orange is not my New Black!

Can I read the test?

Can I discuss the test and questions?

Can I copy any of the test or test materials?

easy answer to all NO

Questions During Testing? Local Procedures

IM: Kathy Walker using google during testing

IM: Stephanie Justice

Please DO NOT BEGIN Testing until all clear ALL CALL is made to begin. I know it is tempting if all students are present and ready to go - but if we need to find a proctor or student we may need to all-call before everyone starts.

No All-Calls will be made until all testing complete

Teachers will pick up testing materials and count out supplies in THQ - Test Head Quarters [the conference room] the morning of testing.

All materials are to be returned to THQ after testing is complete.

Since we may be using IM to communicate -make sure volume is off on computer.

Clear the Walls

Wednesday, May 25th, 3pm

305 Rumple Street

Troutman, NC

Check your clock - let me know if you have a room concern.

8th Grade Science

Friday, May 27th, 8:30-10:30am

This is an online event.

And if you have time for a testing laugh or two... Here Comes the Monkey!!!1

This clip is from HBO's Last Week Tonight - offensive language has been bleeped. It's rather long - and is not meant to offend or reflect the view of administration, Iredell-Statesville Schools, but merely offered as a much needed tongue-in-cheek look at the wall of testing we are about to undertake. Watch, laugh, view at your own peril!
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)