Your Origami Owl Launch Party

Launch with Success

Launch Goals:

  1. Invite as many people as you can. Give incentive for them to 'Bring a Friend'
  2. Let guests know perks of Hosting {Create Hostess Packs}
  3. They can own their own Business for only $150.00 {Create Recruit Packs}
  4. Talk about Mother/Daughter Teams
  5. Add on Dangles and Extenders to EVERY order
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Simple Launches are Successful Launches

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Do You Have Enough Business Materials?

Make sure you ALWAYS have enough business materials to carry out a successful party without a hitch.
  • Order forms
  • Catalogs
  • Supplemental Catalogs
  • Business Cards

Back Office Training

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When it's done:

  • Close your Party within 48hrs to insure that your customers get their order timely.
  • Follow up with Party Bookings and create ONLINE Party for them.
  • Follow up with Possible Recruits and answer any questions.

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    Ashley Pfeffer, Origami Owl Independent Designer {Team Leader}

    OWLways Here for You

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