The Great Gatsby

By: Kyle Rouleau

Poverty and Riches

One of the main themes in this book is poverty and riches. You can clearly see the two sides throughout the novel. The poverty is shown in the valley of ashes, and you can see the rich side with the East and West Eggs. The West Egg is a symbol of new money and the East Egg is a symbol of old money. In the beginning you can see the volume of money in the West Egg due to Gatsby's party. The elaborate huge parties that he throws are just one way of showing how they throw around money on the egg land shapes. The valley of ashes consist of poor labor intensive workers. Myrtle and George are the two characters that live in the valley of ashes and live their life in poverty. The two economic standings of people are very contrasting. Gatsby uses his money to buy luxurious things to impress Daisy, and Daisy wants the path that will keep her having an abundance of money. The poor want to become rich and the rich want to stay rich. This book is centered around poverty and riches.

Poverty and Riches Brochure

Here in the East Egg village you will find everything a multi millionaire could ever want. Living on the west egg is a luxurious life. Your property can back right up to the bay. There are many accommodations on the West Egg. There are 5 full Tennis Courts. There are also 2 Olympic sized swimming pools. Most to all of the houses here are the nicest houses in New York. If you tell someone you live on west egg they will be begging to come over. In the summer you will find a number of boats coming through the bay, many of which are docked on property owners in the West Egg Village. The West Egg Village is the best place to live, its the only place where you can go have dinner and then to a movie in the highest style possible. Come to the West Egg Village and find out what the true rich mans experience is.

This whole brochure just explains the benefits of living on the west egg. The West Egg is the highest in place one could live. This relates back to the main theme of poverty and riches. You have to be rich to live on the West Egg. Someone who lived in the valley of ashes could not possibly be able to own a house on the West Egg.

Chapter 1: Ne$t Egg$

The west egg village

and the east egg most powerful

east egg glittered along the water

west egg under a thin beard of raw ivy

two unusual formations of land, dissimilarity

in every particular except shape and size

They are not perfect ovals

both crushed flat at the contact

the fashionable est egg

the less fashionable west egg

This found poem shows the difference between the West Egg and the East Egg. This poem consist of only words from the book. The two eggs even though they are similar, they hate each other and have no respect for one another. An example of this would be how a person from London has no respect for a person from Whales, even though they are apart of the same country. The West Egg was considered new money while the East Egg was considered old money.

Chapter 2: Arrest Warrant




Tom has reportedly his a woman and broken her nose. He may have been under the influence of alcohol. If he is seen please call 911 immediately. He is a very big dangerous man. Be careful if you come face to face. The woman he hit is pressing charges. Tom supposedly hit Myrtle Wilson in an apartment earlier this week. there was arguing and then the violence began. After he hit her he fled the scene. If seen please contact the NYPD.

The arrest warrant put out is for Tom Buchanan. In the book tom hit Myrtle while they were partying in their suite. In the book Myrtle doesn't really press charges. If she wanted to she could have pressed charges on Tom and received money do to her poor nature. She could have also threatened tom that she would tell the authorities to gain money. All this comes back to the overall theme of poverty and riches.

Chapter 3: Twitter Feed

Nick is an excessive tweeter as you can see. He really enjoyed Gatsby's party. He was amazed by the amount of money spent on his part, which relates back to the main topic of Poverty and Riches. The party was quite elaborate and cost an excessive amount. Nick has never been a real partier, so this was his first big elaborate party. He was truly dumbfounded by the amount of money spent on this one party.

Chapter 4: Slang term

Dear Daisy,

Hey Doll. I miss you dearly. I cannot go on without you. I miss you so dearly. I know I'm a cake eater, but you're the only one for me. My love for you will go on. I have been keeping up with my bimbo personality. Just the other day i had to put a guy in his place for talking poorly about one of his lady friends.

When I get back I am going to spoil you, anything you want is yours. You want a breeze? You got it. I'm very swell, hard work does pay off. I have many clams in my bank account. I have worked hard just so i can buy you nice things. I will take you somewhere swanky as soon as i get back. maybe your favorite restaurant? Fogo De Chao? Anywhere you want to go is where we will go.


Jay Gatsby

This letter is the letter Daisy read on her wedding day. This letter consist of Gatsby confessing his love for Daisy. It caused all sorts of trouble on her wedding day, It caused her to second guess the man she was marrying and who she really loved. This letter is written in the slang terms that a person in the 1920's would use. Gatsby also shows his love by saying that he would buy her whatever she wants to try to win her over again. He is willing to use his wealth he has earned to obtain his dream.

Chapter 5: Post card from Daisy to Gatsby

Dear Gatsby,

I had the best time with you yesterday. I missed spending time with you. The past five years I have not been able to stop thinking about you. Those shirts you had were truly beautiful. I wouldn't mind waking up in one of them. I can't even imagine how much they could have cost. I noticed there were a lot of expensive things in your household, not to mention the house too! Your house is enormous, it must have been really expensive. I hope we continue having our little adventures together. I can't believe what I have been missing out on this time. I truly care about you. I will be over later tomorrow afternoon, you can show me the rest of your place. I can't wait to see you. We will figure out where you and I are going from their. There is hope for us.


Your love,


This is a post card that daisy would write to Gatsby. She wrote this the day after she came over to Nicks for tea then ended up at Gatsby's. That day was the start of their little adventures they started having. Gatsby was trying to live in the past while she was just having an adventure. In the post card you can see that she liked the material things. She likes his money just as much as she likes him. She is always looking to being secure financially. She does love him but she is also concerned with how long the money will last, that's one of the reasons she leaves him later on in the book. The Green light picture is represented when she says "There is hope for us." in the post card.

Chapter 6: Monologue of Gatsby to Tom

Mr. Buchanan, I know your wife. I have actually known her for quiet some time. In fact, I have known her longer than you have. They may upset you but that is how it is. I met her right before I left for the war. You see old sport, I was an officer in the war, us officers have our way of getting the ladies. As I was saying, right before I deployed I met Daisy. Daisy and I had a wonderful time together. We spent every day together and we plan on continuing that. Clearly you must be confused of how your wife for now may have been with such a stand out wonderful man. She was into making good decisions back then. Sadly I then had to deploy and that was the last I saw of her.

When I got back I started to write her. On of my letters reached her on your wedding day and it almost ruined your wedding. Those pearls you gave her? She threw them against the wall and broke them, I know you didn't know that. There are a lot of things about Daisy that you don't know. You will soon come to see though. Once reality hits you you will be out for the count. Beware of whats soon to happen Mr. Buchanan, beware.

Here Gatsby is talking with Tom at his party. Gatsby is discussing how he knows daisy. He also mentions how he knew daisy before Tom did. Gatsby is just as well off as Tom which daisy sees, but Tom thinks he is still better off. The interesting thing is even though Gatsby and Tom have about the same amount of money, Tom still thinks he is "richer."

Chapter 7: Evny in a closer look

Jealousy is looking down seeing what you will never grasp, ripping your hopes and dreams away like a young boy attempting to start a cold lawn mower. Jealousy is realizing the man you love is separated from you by money and class. Jealousy is knowing that the woman next to your man is on a whole other level than you as if she won first place and you were to not even finish. She likes to show off her body to turn heads yet she will not stand to see her man fooled with.

In this piece jealousy represents Myrtle. Myrtle is jealous of the girl sitting in the car next to Tom, she thinks that Jordan is Tom's wife. My comparison to "a young boy attempting to start a cold lawn mower" shows the ripping motion that it takes to start a cold lawn mower. Also, since the young bot does not have as much strength he has to repeatedly pull on it until it starts up. Myrtle wants the life with Tom, the life of wealth and glamorous things. Instead of having that luxurious life she is poor and married to a car repairman.

Chapter 8: Gun Advertisement


Springfield m1911

Chambered in .45

On Sale for only 200 dollars!!!

Very Cheap! Most bang for your Buck!

Great weapon, very accurate and reliable

This gun shoots accurately every time you pull the trigger, Semi-automatic

This gun will protect you and your family from the Germans!

I chose to do an advertisement for chapter 8. I'm advertising a gun because in chapter 8 George kills Gatsby with a gun. This gun would be best suited for George cause it is on sale so even he can buy the gun with his low income. Without a gun George would have had a hard time killing Gatsby. The gun is a supporting factor in this novel. The advertisement is just a basic advertisement to help sell the weapon, it would be posted around the city to attract consumers to buy it.

Chapter 9: Obituary

Jay Gatsby, 32, of West Egg Village passed away two days ago

He was born in a small town in Kentucky in 1980 to father Henry Gatz. He graduated from high school and attended Oxford University. He was not married. He leaves behind no children

Jay Gatsby was a very successful man and created his wealth. He started from nothing but with the help of Dan Cody he was able to make something of himself. Mr. Gatsby is the prime example of someone obtaining the american dream.

Jay Gatsby is survived by his father Henry Gatz.

A viewing will be held at Mr Gatsby's residence. The funeral will be held at The West Egg Funeral Home. Please send flowers to the Gatsby residence, any help is appreciated.

This piece shows what Gatsby's obituary would look like. It shows when he was born and where he was born. The obituary also includes his life accomplishments and how he achieved his wealth. As you can see in the obituary Gatsby only leaves behind his father, he has no other family members and no kids. The viewing was held at his house in the book so i also included that into the obituary I made. the book does not mention which funeral home Gatsby will be located so I made one up assuming there would be one on the West Egg Village.