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All New Trends in Custom Web Application Development of this Year

Earlier we were dependent upon ourselves and people, but with the changing world we have become non-reacting cell without technologies around us. A bulk portion of our world has taken WEB for granted for any little or big job done. Therefore, as the technology evolves, so do the user interface and experience, the new evolving applications took a toll on web app developers. Nowadays, it wouldn’t be wrong if I say more precisely custom web application development is an ever-changing process, but here I have summed up the almost the latest and basic trend that will be followed by this year.

  • #1 Flat Web Design Adds a Spring to your development.

We are more used to with virtual than real in recent times, so do our daily work process. We have been using millions of apps but the look of web application is evolving each day. The first move to ‘Flat design’ led by Google, Windows 8 and of course our very own social book – Facebook. This kind of design gives a clear look to the site- bold color, prominent fonts and users can scroll it more quickly unlike priors. We are too busy to inhale you know...

  • #2 Security counts the most.

Either you are developing an ecommerce or a corporate site you ought to be careful about the security section. Custom web application development provides full security assurance.

  • #3 Parallax Scrolling is new in trend.

Parallax design is useful for them who want to tell a story or add depth in web content or may be trying to show moving images. Trust me it brings a certain “wow” factor to the web application. The only loophole or pitfall whatever you say is that the interface is too complicated to browse on. Page loading times can go longer than you estimated.

The above mentioned trends are just a glimpse of this year trends. You need to do a bit more research work on custom web application development before trying your hands on it.
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