Checks And Balances

The Key to a Successful Government

Keepin' It Balanced

Checks and Balances (C&B) are a system to ensure an equal amount of power throughout the government. C&B gives us three different "groups", or branches. These branches are the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. All of these branches has enough power to balance out the other branches. For example, the legislative branch has the power to create laws. When a law is created it is sent the to Judicial branch to determine whether or not it is constitutional. If the law is determined unconstitutional, then it will be completely thrown out. But, if the law is constitutional then it's sent to the executive branch to be signed. If the Executive Branch does not agree with the law, then the law can be "vetoed", or denied. With this, the law is sent back to the Legislative Branch for a vote. If 2/3 of congress vote to still keep the law, then the veto is overridden and the law can be made.
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