Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Tar Lau @ Honda

Date(s): April 20th

Time of Demo: 10:30am

Description of Activity: Putting a car up on a hoist and doing an oil change

For this task, I will be demonstrating how to set up a car safely on a hoist to be raised up, and how to do an oil change. This procedure is not the most complicated job out there, but having some experience with technical skills like tools would be useful.
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I have chosen the task of how to set up a car on the hoist and do an oil change because it is a common job we get. It is a task that is needed to be done regularly to maintain your car properly, this job does not need a hoist; putting up the car on a hoist just makes it easier so it is above us.
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Details of Activity

1. Take out any tools or parts needed for the job before setting the car up on the hoist. Example: 17mm wrench (usually the size for most cars) or the right size wrench, a channel lock or tool specifically for an oil filter, the right oil, the right oil filter, and a new washer(recommended).

2. Find the jacking point of the car on all 4 sides, it is located under and near the skirts of the vehicle. Different brand cars have different jacking points. It is the hardest part of the vehicle, usually metal, not plastic. If you can't find it, place it on the frame of the vehicle.

Example: Acura and Hondas usually have a metal edge with a notch in it

3. Place the metal platform under the car and line it up right under the jacking point on all four jacking points. You may add spacers if want to make the platform closer to the car. Add a piece of wood if the metal platform touches other parts of the vehicle other than the jacking point, like the plastic skirt of the vehicle. If you add wood on one, add it on all.

4. Press the up arrow button to bring the hoist up enough to where the metal platform or wood starts lifting the vehicle slightly. Check all 4 sides to ensure it is lined up on jacking point.

5.Bring the hoist down if you need to make any adjustments, press the down arrow

Note: Beware of surrounds and keep an eye on the opposite side to make sure it is coming down as well

6. Press the button to bring the hoist up to a comfortable height right above your head.

1. Look for the oil drain plug, newer cars with other bolts will have an arrow pointing to the plug, older models should only have one bolt on the oil pan, the drain plug/bolt.

2. Next, loosen the bolt enough so you can loosen it by hand, have a pan under the drain hole and remove the bolt to let the oil drain. Be careful as the oil may still be warm or hot depending how long the car has been off.

3. Look for the oil filter next, different makes and models are in different places, but it shouldn't be hard to find, somewhere on the side of the engine or near the oil pan, you get it from underneath the car as well. Use the tool you are most comfortable with to loosen the oil filter enough to do the rest by hand. Remove the oil filter and let it drain.

4. Put a new washer on the drain plug(recommended) and tighten it back up 45 degrees after it is snug.

5. Put the new oil filter in and make sure the old rubber gasket isn't on the part the oil filter screws on to.

6. Clean up the mess if there is any underneath the car or on the floor

7. Bring down the car carefully by holding the down arrow on the hoist.

8. Put in 4 to 4.5 litres of oil through the oil cap using a funnel (on top of the engine) and check the dip stick to see if you need more or less.

9. To check the oil level on the dip stick; remove the dip stick, wipe the oil off, put it back in for 3 seconds and take it back out. The dip stick should have 2 markings, one lower and one higher, the higher level shows the maximum and the lower one is saying you need oil. Make sure the oil level is right on the maximum or a little under.

10. Turn on the car for 5 seconds to let the oil filter take some oil, then repeat step 9.

11. Check for leaks

12. Make sure the dip stick and oil cap are back in before you close the hood.

Required Materials

Right oil for your car

Right oil filter for your car

Hoist or jack with jack stands

17 mm wrench

Oil filter wrench/tool


new washer(recommended)

Special Instructions for Co op Teacher

Safety boots are needed. Safety glasses and gloves are optional for this procedure.