The Roman Update

By Camden Baumberger

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The colosseum has opened!

yesterday the colosseum opened for the first day of events. These events include, gladiator fights, chariot racing, and the event every one is talking about, naval battles, etc. Only the best of Rome can compete in the olympics. the first to enter was a man by the name of hercules. he is everyones prediction to win the gladiator fights because he seems to have abnormal strength. He is also expected to compete in the naval battles if he makes it through the gladiator fights. gladiator fights are were two people fight usually to the death. chariot racing is were there is carts pulled by horses. Finally naval battle is were ships fight until one remains afloat. the way to get water into the colosseum is astounding what happens is there are long tunnels that connect to body of water that can be flooded into the colosseum. Make sure you pay your respects to Vespasian to thank for this awesome idea.

Julius Cesar has Been Murdered

Cesar was a great dictator. He Reorganized government and ordered taxes. Founded colonies and gave people land to farm. Made citizens of many people in the colonies. Standardized the currency. But a group of senators though he was a bad rulers so they assassinated him on march 15, 44 B.C..


We need some volunteers to help us sell tickets, sell food and manage the events at the colosseum. If you are interested come to the colosseum and find the large sign that says "SIGN UP" and register there.