Hudson's Bay Newsletter

May 2023


Val Seeley, Principal

Amber Beardmore, Associate Principal

Greg Roberts, Associate Principal/A.D.

Spencer Williams, Associate Principal

Demetrick White, Dean of Students

Teresa Arden & Robin Sonderland, ELL


Megan Fullbright A - COOK (+ Lieser Branch)

Danijel Brdar COOL - HAN

Kara Hecker HAR - MC

Lissa Potter ME - SAM

Ray Lions SAN - Z

Main Office Hours

Main Office hours are:

7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Business Office hours are:

7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

VPS 22-23 District Calendar

You can view "2022-2023 Vancouver Public Schools Board Approved Calendar"

Principal's Corner


March has come in like a LION and April is ready to “spring” upon us with Spring Break getting closer! A colleague of mine mentioned how the thought of (and completion of…) Spring Break can rapidly lead to spring fever and the temptation of believing that things are either hopeless or that the work has already been done. Neither is true! We will still have a little over two months of school left following our April Break (4/3-4/7). Although we have accomplished a lot and wrapped up many important events, we still have a lot of exciting and important activities ahead!

Still ahead for April and May:

  • Finalize forecasting and beginning planning schedules for the 23-24 School Year

  • Finishing up WIDA testing for our ELL population

  • SAT for Juniors will be administered in March 22

  • SBA testing (ELA & Math) begins after Spring Break for our 10th and 12th grade students.

  • WCAS (Science) begins after Spring Break for our 11th grade students.

  • Spring Conferences (April 13-14)

  • A full spring sports season (all teams are having a great season so far!)

  • School performances in music and drama

  • Senior Awards Night

  • Prom

I could keep going ….but I think you see that we still have much to do before this year is done in addition to the two full months of learning left in the school year.

Another continued focus for us is our seniors and our upcoming graduation on June 12th. We are excited to be at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater for our 2023 Graduation Ceremony to celebrate and honor our seniors for their achievement. To make sure all seniors are ready, counselors are reviewing grades and credit information for each senior, consulting as needed, and sending home letters and emails regarding steps to complete in order to graduate in June. Senior year can be so exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming time for students and parents. We are working hard to communicate with everyone to ensure our seniors are on-track to walk in June for graduation. Parents please remember: if you (or your student) have any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s counselor to review credits, testing expectations, or any other questions you might have.

As a staff, we are staying the course for March and April, continuing our focus on student achievement. PLCs are happening each Monday with teachers meeting regularly to review student data to understand how students are learning, what they are struggling with and what they know. We continue to review our School Improvement Plan (SIP) to ensure we are monitoring our progress towards the goals set:

  • Eagle Time to support students (academically and socially) and build the Bay Way

  • Parent Outreach (monthly time set aside to call parents and April Conferences)

  • Universal Design for Learning focused on removing barriers and access to effective instruction for all students.

I am excited to enter the long home stretch with our Bay community. I hope that you and your family enjoy our upcoming spring break and are able to reconnect and recharge. I look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming spring event.

Val Seeley, Principal

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Val Seeley, Principal

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Dean of Students Updates

Activities Updates

Where did the year go? I can’t believe we’re already into May, quickly approaching the end of the year. A couple of the highlights from the last couple months:

  • We successfully administered the SAT, and are working our way through the annual SBAC tests in Math/English, as well as the WCAS in Science.

  • Kudos to all the student-leaders and their teacher, Mrs. Horenstein for the wonderful job they did with Prom. All their work behind the scenes led to a successful Prom week, and an exciting dance.

Looking ahead we have a few things planned in May/June:

  • AP testing begins on 5/1. Students will test their knowledge and skills in over 10 different content areas ranging from Photography to US Govt. & Politics.

  • We’re bringing back the Multicultural Assembly! A favorite of students and staff, this assembly provides an opportunity for students to celebrate their culture through song, dance, or another activity. It’s been away for a few years, but we’re hopeful this year’s performances restart the annual tradition.

  • Incoming Freshman Open House is on Thursday, 6/15, from 5:00-6:30 pm. Once again we’re opening our doors to all incoming freshmen from our neighboring middle schools. Food will be provided, tours will be given, and all our sports, clubs, and activities will be represented. Come on down and learn about Bay and how to get involved

If you have any questions regarding the above mentioned information, please feel free to reach out to me at

Spencer L. Williams M.A. Ed.

Associate Principal

Hudson's Bay High School

(360) 313‐4425

Go Eagles! #BAYWAY

Curricular Updates

Spring has sprung... the energy in the halls and the investment of what's next is in full swing! This is the forecasting season where students select the courses they'd like to take the following year. Our counselors are hard at work collecting information and organizing student data to shape schedules for students in the 23-24 school year.

April is not only our beautiful week of Spring Break, it also brings us our Spring Conferences happening Thursday, April 13 2:30-7:30pm & Friday, April 14 7:30am-11am. Teachers will be reaching out to various families to schedule a visit with students and parents to discuss transcripts, grades and coursework. Our FCRC will be hosting snacks and goodies along with a community resource fair with partners from GearUp, TRiO and more. #bayway


Athletic Updates

Welcome back Eagles!!!! My name is Greg Roberts and this will be my fourth year serving as Athletic Director and Associate Principal. I’ve had a wonderful summer coaching little league all star baseball and it has given me a great perspective of the work our coaches put into their program and the challenges they face. Our goal this year across all of Bay sports is to create a sense of belonging in each of our programs. We want our athletes to feel welcome, they have a home, and know that we deeply care about each and every athlete within each of our athletic programs. One way to increase belonging is for me to incorporate more student voices on a regular basis. Our athletic program will be intentional about meeting with students on a regular basis as well as creating a parent committee to discuss all things Bay athletics. In addition, we want to continue to showcase our student athletes this year and include real life applications to some of our CTE courses. Our student athletes work hard to be the best student athletes that they can be and we want to honor them and highlight their work on a more consistent basis. “Build the Bay” will be a phrase you hear referenced often and something we look forward to developing. The most immediate way you can help us “Build the Bay” is by coming out for a sport and buying into our athletic program. At Bay, we continue to need more parental involvement in our athletic programs. Please support your student athlete by helping with various jobs (score keeping, lines, etc) and asking the head coach how you can help as a parent. We have a wonderful group of coaches who care more about their kids as an individual than as an athlete, a group of coaches who will mentor their kids through challenging situations, a group of coaches who will pursue academic goals with their athletes, and a group of coaches who demonstrate the BAYWAY everyday. When you participate in a sport you build a sense of family with other students and staff here at Bay. Engaging in extracurricular activities is critical to the engagement, growth, experience, and development of our students, we want you to be a part of it!

PARENTS!!! Med Pick up Info:

Parents, please remember to pick up all daily medications or expiring medications after dismissal

on the last day of school, June 20th. (Daily medications not picked up or medications that are

expiring over the summer will be disposed of at 9:00 am June 21st).

Epi-Pens and Inhalers that are not expiring can stay locked up at school over the summer. Health

plans and medication forms for the 2023-24 school year will be mailed home in May and June. To

ensure that your student can attend on the first day of school, please return all necessary paperwork

and medication on or before Friday August 25th to allow for processing time.

Unified Soccer Schedule

Practice starts April 10th, Monday-Friday, from 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM.

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Eagles Swimming

Interested in joining the swim team next year? Step 1: Get info by emailing Coach Sarah at Step 2: Get your sports physical now so you can join us for summer workouts (end of May-end of July). Girls season starts Aug. 21. Boys season starts Nov. 13. Get in shape over the summer so you'll be faster when the season starts!

From the Library

Beginning in mid-May, student devices will be renewed for the summer. If a student does not want their device over the summer, they will have the option to turn their device in for summer storage at the end of the school year. Watch for more information from your teachers and be sure to bring your device and charger to school on your assigned day! Seniors will turn in their devices on Friday, June 9th. Questions -- see Mrs. Hendricks in the Library!"


My name is Merritt Hitzeman-Anzjon and I am the Coordinator in the Family Community Resource Center here at Bay. The resource center is here to help students and their families fill in some gaps, whether it be school supplies, clothing, snacks, or something a little more as well as to help families and students find and get connected to community resources that are able to help with a myriad of issues that people are faced with everyday.

Hudson’s Bay, in partnership with the Clark County Food Bank and Share, hosts a fresh food pantry on the first Thursday of each month from 130-230 and it is open to everyone. District wide there are 8 different schools that host these pantries on different days and at different times throughout the month. A list can be provided to you upon request. If you are interested in volunteering to help at this monthly event, please feel free to contact me for more information.


Merritt Hitzeman-Anzjon (she/her)


FCRC Updates

-Also the PALs program is coming back to Bay, once a month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month during second lunch, and if students are interested they can go see Merritt to sign up. It is an opportunity to meet with a member of local law enforcement in a casual no pressure environment to ask questions, voice concerns, and have a free lunch.

-Snack shack is back, just once a month to start out, on the first Tuesday after school. Students can come grab a snack on their way home by the FCRC door.

Student Assistance Prevention-Intervention Specialist

Danielle Matson is the new Student Assistance Prevention-Intervention Specialist who will be working with Hudson’s Bay students to offer substance use education and prevention services in our school and in the community. Danielle will provide a variety of support groups for students who have concerns or issues that may interfere with their optimal academic progress. The groups focus on the development of skills and self-confidence necessary for students to make positive choices in their lives related to: school success, resolving conflicts, coping with grief, peer pressure, self-esteem, anger management, and drug and alcohol use. The purpose of these time-limited groups is to help students develop skills necessary to realize their academic and personal potentials. Other services the program will offer


o Early alcohol and other drug education and prevention in classrooms and in school-wide


o Prevention club for students who are interested in providing education and support to

their peers

o Screening and early intervention services to students and their families

o Referrals to treatment providers

Danielle is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Hudson’s Bay community and is more than happy to answer any questions! If you would like more information or would like to inquire about program participation, Danielle can be reached at, or (360) 313-4559.



Please fill out the 22-23 VPS Education Benefits Form pictured below!


How are we able to offer meals to all students at no charge? Through implementation of a program called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). CEP will be implemented at all sites next school year, which ensures all students will continue to eat for free. Our ability to implement this program is a result of funding secured by the passage of HB 1878.

Are we still collecting meal applications? No. We will no longer be collecting meal applications. Instead, we will collect the Family Income Survey (FIS) to accurately capture the economic profile of district students.

How will the FIS be distributed? An electronic version of the FIS will be sent to all families, however, each school should have paper copies available for families to complete. If families return the FIS to school offices, they should be sent to the NS department, they are confidential.

Can students collect just a milk at no charge? No. We must charge for a la carte milk purchases (0.45). Students are encouraged to select a reimbursable meal, even if they only want the milk. They can place some unwanted items on the share table for other students to select if they are still hungry.

Can students bringing cold lunch have a school meal at no charge? Yes. All students have access to school meals at no charge.

Can adults have meals at no charge? No. We must charge for adult meals.

Can visiting students have a school meal at no charge? Yes. School-age children visiting from other K12 districts may collect meals at no charge at CEP schools.

Can students with special dietary needs access a modified meal at no charge? Yes, but we need to collect a dietary prescription form (link on website).

For further information, please contact VPS Nutrition Services @ 360-313-1190 or email

Building Trades is Building!

The Construction Building Trades students in the ACES Magnet completed building the shed for Mr. Burt. Students presented at the Port of Vancouver, and thanked the Port for their generous $3K donation which funded the shed build. Much thanks to our local sponsors, Sherwin Williams Paint, Dion Rhodes Painting, GAF Roofing, Wolf Industries, Cal Portland, and all of the hard working Year 2 and Year 3 students in Mr. Gunderson's Building Trades classes.

School Credit for Students Who Are Working:

The Vancouver School District recognizes that work experience can be a valuable learning experience for a student. A student who is working at a real job and is at least 16 years of age, can get high school credit for their work hours. For every 180 hours of verified work experience, the student receives a .5 credit. This credit can replace any Elective or Occupational Ed. Credit that the student needs in order to graduate. The credit will also go on the student’s transcript and the grade will be an A – which will help increase the student’s overall G.P.A. score.

Students must be working at a real job and not paid under the table. They also must be at least 16 years of age in order to be enrolled in the Work Based Learning program.

Students may earn up to 2.0 credits of Work Based Learning for each school year.

Please see Mr. Griffiths ( in office 318 to get signed up for the program.

Off Campus

A reminder that as a junior or senior you may head off campus for lunch, but you must have the off-campus form filled out prior to leaving. Also, if you drive you must register your vehicle! Attached are the forms--fill them out and turn in now so you are ready for the first day of school!

Student Vehicle Registration Form

Off Campus Permit Form

VPS is Hiring!

Are you, or do you know someone who would be a great addition to our Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) team? Did you know that VPS hosts monthly Substitute and Classified Candidate Day interviews for qualified applicants?

Vancouver Public Schools is now hiring for full-time, part-time, substitute, and seasonal employees in the following areas:


Cafeteria Assistants

Bus drivers

Custodial Assistants


Further information can be found HERE!

Vancouver Public Schools new program to offer!

Vancouver Public Schools has a new program to offer to the students and families of the district. The Office of the Education Ombuds works with students, families, schools, and the community through the discipline process to resolve conflicts, build supportive partnerships, and foster collaboration so that every student can engage in a valuable educational experience within Vancouver Public Schools. The ombuds will provide confidential and unbiased guidance, resources, information, and support when parents need assistance navigating the student discipline process or a conflict exists within a discipline matter.

If you have concerns about your child’s experience within the discipline process, please reach out to the Education Ombuds, Rachel Cason. The ombuds is here to help you navigate the district’s processes and procedures as well as provide you with the assistance you may need in resolving conflicts specific to student discipline.

The Education Ombuds, Rachel Cason, can be reached at or 360-313-1340.

"The Bay Way"

Our Mission

The mission of Hudson's Bay High School is to create lifelong learners and responsible, compassionate, literate citizens by melding the resources of students, staff, parents, and community.

Our Traits of Focus

Our Bay community developed five traits that align with our mission statement that we believe students and staff should strive to exhibit. We teach, recognize, and value the following:



Critical Thinking



All members of the school community- from staff to students - strive to exhibit the Bay Way Traits of Focus - Community, Ownership, Critical Thinking, Perseverance, and Empathy. Staff and students strive to exhibit these traits at Bay because doing so improves our school culture, the health and happiness of all members of the school community, and benefits students in both academic and non-academic ways.

Hudson's Bay - FLORAL SHOP

Hudson's Bay FFA has been running a "FULL SERVICE FLORAL SHOP" since 1973! Please click above for the order form.

VPS 1:1 Technology

Click here for the Responsible Use and Safety Agreement.

VPS 1:1 Technology

Responsible Use and Safety Agreement

The use of a district issued computing device and all accounts for the related services and applications are solely for educational purposes and users have no expectation of privacy because the district has a right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store information transmitted or received, at any time, without prior notice. If information is collected that indicates activity outside of the acceptable use, that information will be reviewed with the student and/or parent/guardian during normal school business hours.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Information obtained by school district officials, after school business hours, suggesting or indicating imminent danger to a person(s) will initiate a 911 report upon receiving that information. Building administration will contact the parents/guardians on the next school business day regarding the matter.

Stormwater Education

Vancouver families depend on clean rivers, streams and lakes for swimming, fishing and preserving habitat for future generations. You can help reduce one of the biggest threats to our waterways, pollution left behind from everyday activities that gets picked up by stormwater.

We all contribute to stormwater pollution, so we all need to be part of the solution. Here are three easy tips you can follow to reduce water pollution and help protect our rivers, streams and lakes.

Only rain down the drain. As simple as it sounds, this is the most important principle for reducing water pollution, and it should be taken literally. Whatever goes down the storm drain almost always ends up in our streams. Even if you’re not putting anything directly into a storm drain, be aware of what runoff can pick up from your home and yard. This includes grass clippings, car washing soap, fertilizers and pet waste, just to name a few.

“Natural” can still be pollution. It’s easy to overlook pollutants that seem “natural,” such as grass clippings, pet waste and organic fertilizers. In our developed communities, these are significant sources of pollution. Fecal coliform is one of the top pollutants found in streams, and much of it comes from pet owners who don’t pick their pet’s waste. Nutrients in yard debris and fertilizers feed potentially toxic algae that deplete water of oxygen needed by aquatic life.

Sweep it up, don’t hose if off. Using a hose to wash away a spill or clean the driveway is a sure way to send pollutants to our streams. Instead, use a broom and dustpan to sweep up pollutants, close them in a bag and put it in the garbage. For liquid spills, put down an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, and sweep it into a bag before disposing in the trash.

For more ideas, visit and thank you for being part of the solution.

School messages will now reach more families

VPS is always looking for ways to improve communication with all of our families including families with students who have multiple residences. In response to parent requests, these families now will receive auto calls and emails from their school. The following criteria must be in place:

  • The family must be listed as the “second” family on the school registration form.

  • The family must also be signed up for the district’s online Parent Access.

At this time, attendance messages will continue to go to the parent who has listed their phone number and email as the primary contact. Parents who do not wish to receive school messages can opt out from receiving emails and calls.

Instructions to opt out:

  • Opting out of auto calls: Call 855-502-7867 from the phone number that is receiving the phone calls you wish to stop.

  • Opting out of emails: Parents can click on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email to stop receiving emails.

Questions? Please call our school office at #360.313.4400

Los mensajes de la escuela les llegarán ahora a más familias

El Distrito Escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” (VPS, por sus siglas en inglés) siempre está buscando formas de mejorar la comunicación con todas nuestras familias, incluyendo a las familias con estudiantes que tienen residencias múltiples. En respuesta a las solicitudes de los padres, estas familias ahora recibirán llamadas automatizadas y correos electrónicos de su escuela. Los siguientes criterios deberán darse:

  • La familia debe aparecer como “segunda” familia en la forma de inscripción de la escuela.

  • La familia también debe estar inscrita en el Acceso de Padres en línea del distrito. (“Parent Access”)

En este momento, los mensajes de asistencia seguirán siendo enviados al padre que haya anotado su número de teléfono y correo electrónico como contacto principal.

Los padres que no deseen recibir mensajes de la escuela pueden optar por no recibir correos electrónicos y llamadas.

Instrucciones para optar por no recibir correos electrónicos o llamadas:

  • Para no recibir llamadas automatizadas: llame al 855-502-7867 desde el número de teléfono en el que recibe las llamadas telefónicas que no desea recibir.

  • Optar por no recibir correos electrónicos: los padres pueden hacer clic en el enlace "cancelar suscripción" en la parte inferior del correo electrónico para dejar de recibir correos electrónicos.

¿Tiene preguntas? Por favor llame a la oficina de la escuela al 360-313-4400

Сообщения из школ теперь будут доходить до большего числа семей

Ванкуверские государственные школы (VPS) всегда ищут дополнительные пути улучшения поддержания контакта с семьями всех наших учеников, включая те случаи, когда учащиеся проживают не только в одной семье. По просьбам родителей эти семьи теперь будут получать из своих школ автоматизированные звонки и электронные письма. (email). Для этого должны быть выполнены следующие условия:

  • «Вторая» семья, желающая получать сообщения, должна быть указана в разделе «Non-custodial parent» на регистрационной форме.

  • Семья должна быть также зарегистрирована для получения информации онлайн по программе района, которая называется «Доступ для родителей - Parent Access».

В настоящее время сообщения о посещаемости и пропусках, по-прежнему, будут поступать на номер телефона и электронную почту родителя, который на регистрационной форме указан как основное лицо для контакта.

Родители, которые не хотят получать сообщения из школы, могут отказаться от получения электронных писем и звонков.

Инструкции для отказа от получения информации:

  • Отказ от автоматизированных звонков: Наберите 855-502-7867 с телефона, по которому вы получаете звонки, поступление которых вы хотели бы остановить.

  • Отказ от получения электронных писем: для того чтобы остановить получение электронных писем, родители должны щелкнуть на слово «unsubscribe» в нижней части электронного письма.

Вопросы? Звоните в школьный офис по телефону 360-313-4400

Family Communication Change information in Chuukese

Iká pwe ke mochen epwe wor emén epwe ánea ngonuk masowen ei taropwe nón fóósun fénúomw ren ómw kopwe weweiti,
en mei tongeni kéri Juanita Yasu, 360-771-5343.

Student Welfare and Attendance

Vancouver School District’s goal is to ensure that students attend 90% or more of the school year. With that, we hope to reduce the rates of chronic absenteeism to a minimum. What is chronic absenteeism? Chronic absenteeism is defined as instances where a student is absent for more than 10% of instruction time in a school year or missing about 2 days per month.


Possession of a cell phone by a student on school district property is a privilege which may be revoked if the student does not follow this district policy:

During classroom and instructional time, the cellular telephone must be “OFF & AWAY”. Text messaging is NOT allowed during classroom or instructional time. If a student uses his/her phone during instructional time and a staff member asks for it to be handed over to him/her, the student must relinquish the phone immediately or will be disciplined for failure to cooperate.


Big picture


The Hudson’s Bay Foundation (HBF) is a 501.3c non-profit school-wide Booster Club for Hudson’s Bay High School that was formed in February of 2010. HBF’s Mission is to ‘benefit the students of HBHS’, through various fundraising efforts and a unique Grant process. HBF’s Board is composed of parent volunteers, alumni, and retired faculty, coaches and administrators, all serving with the goal of assisting the students at Hudson’s Bay. Over the 10 years of this group’s existence, more than $156,800 has been given to a wide range of athletic, activity and academic programs, including assistance with payment of ASB and athletic fees which can prevent low income students from participating fully in all high school has to offer.

Two major fundraisers have been held each year prior to spring of 2020 - the March Madness Silent Auction and the August Golf Tournament at Lakeview. We hope to hold these events again in 2021 if the pandemic protocols allow large gatherings. In the meantime, HBF will be relying on donations which can be made in two ways: by mail to Hudson's Bay Foundation, P.O. Box 61804, Vancouver WA 98666 or by credit card on the HBF website "Donate" page. Donors can earmark their gift for a specific purpose or program, and a receipt with the HBF tax I.D. number will be provided.

Donations from HB alumni will be tallied as part of our “Soaring Eagles” competition. Alumni donations to date total over $156,000. Businesses also contribute by sponsoring components of our fundraisers, by purchasing advertising for athletics and by monetary donations.

Please join us in our efforts to help the Hudson’s Bay Students!

For more information and a detailed list of the Soaring Eagles alumni donations and Grants given to HBHS programs over the years, go to

And "Like" us on Facebook!

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Click here for VPS Sexual Harassment--Between Students

Sexual Harassment--Between Students information from VPS Regulation 3205

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying --Between Students information from VPS Regulation 3207

Click here for VPS Nondiscrimination

Nondiscrimination information from VPS Regulation 3210

Vancouver Public Schools Non Discrimination Statement

Vancouver School District is an Equal Opportunity District in education programs, activities, services, and employment. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity, age, families with children, honorably discharged veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal.

The district provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups. The district complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 402 of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Older Worker Protection Act, and all other state, federal, and local equal opportunity laws. You may also contact any of the following people by writing to them at:

Vancouver School District, PO Box 8937, Vancouver, Washington 98668-8937 or by calling 360-313-1000.

ADA Kathy Everidge; Title VII, 504 Kym Tyelyn-Carlson; IDEA Daniel Bettis; Affirmative Action Kathy Everidge; Title IX Elementary Debra Hale, Doug Hood; Title IX Secondary Chris Olsen, Doug Hood; Athletic Equity Albert Alcantar.

This notification can be provided in the appropriate language for communities of national origin and minority persons with limited English language skills by contacting 360-313-1250

Notificación de No Discriminación

El Distrito Escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” es un distrito que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades en sus programas educativos, actividades, servicios y en el empleo. El distrito no discrimina debido a raza, credo, color, religión, sexo, origen nacional, estado civil, orientación sexual, incluyendo expresión o identidad de género, edad, familias con niños, por ser veterano de guerra retirado honorablemente o por estado militar, por la presencia de cualquier discapacidad sea de tipo sensorial, mental o física o por el uso de un perro guía o animal de servicio entrenado. El distrito provee acceso igualitario para los “Boy Scouts of America” y otros grupos juveniles designados. El distrito también cumple con la Sección 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973, Título IX de las Enmiendas Educativas de1972, con la Sección 402 de la Ley de la Readaptación de Veteranos de la Era del Vietnam de 1974, con la Ley de Americanos con Discapacidades de 1990, con la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, con la Ley contra la Discriminación por Edad en el Empleo, con la Ley de Protección de Empleados de Edad Mayor y con todas las otras leyes de igualdad de oportunidades a nivel estatal, federal y local. También puede contactar a las siguientes personas en la oficina administrativa del Distrito Escolar de Vancouver, escribiéndoles a PO Box 8937, Vancouver, WA 98668- 8937 o llamando al 360-313-1000: ADA – Kathy Everidge; Título VII, 504 – Kym Tyelyn-Carlson; IDEA – Daniel Bettis; Ley de Acción Afirmativa – Kathy Everidge; Título IX Primaria, Debra Hale, Doug Hood; Título IX Secundaria, Chris Olsen, Doug Hood; Igualdad en los Deportes, Albert Alcantar. Esta notificación se puede proporcionar en el idioma apropiado para las comunidades de origen nacional y para las personas de grupos minoritarios con conocimientos limitados del idioma inglés, poniéndose en contacto con el 360-313-1250.

Уведомление об отсутствии дискриминации

Ванкуверский школьный район (VSD) является районом, предоставляющим равные возможности в области программ по образованию, различных видов занятий и деятельности, получения услуг и трудоустройства. Наш школьный район не дискриминирует на основании расы, убеждений, цвета кожи, религии, пола, национального происхождения, семейного положения, сексуальной ориентации, включая половое самовыражение и самовосприятие, возраста, наличия детей в семье, категории демобилизованных с честью ветеранов или военного статуса, наличия какой-либо сенсорной, психической или физической инвалидности, или использования дрессированных собак- поводырей или других животных, помогающих инвалидам. Наш район предоставляет равные возможности для вступления в организацию бойскаутов (Boy Scouts) Америки и в другие специализированные юношеские организации. Наш район также соблюдает Раздел 504 Акта о Реабилитации от 1973 г., Раздел IX Поправок к Закону об образовании (Title IX of the Education Amendments) от 1972 года, Раздел 402 Акта о Помощи ветеранам вьетнамского периода от 1974 г., Акт об американцах-инвалидах от 1990 г., Акт о Гражданских правах от 1964 г., Акт о Дискриминации по возрасту при трудоустройстве, Акт о Защите работников старшего возраста, также, как и все другие штатные, федеральные и местные законы о равных возможностях. Вы можете также обратиться в письменной форме к следующим сотрудникам Ванкуверских государственных школ по адресу PO Box 8937, Vancouver, Washington 98668-8937 или по телефону 360-313-1000: ADA – Kathy Everidge; Title VII, 504 – Kym Tyelyn-Carlson; IDEA – Daniel Bettis, Affirmative Action (Предоставление преимущественных прав) – Kathy Everidge; Title IX для начальных школ – Debra Hale и Doug Hood; Title IX для средних и старших школ – Chris Olsen и Doug Hood; Равный доступ к спортивным программам (Athletic Equity) – Albert Alcantar. Это уведомление может быть предоставлено на соответствующем языке лицам других национальностей и представителям национальных меньшинств, имеющим ограниченные навыки владения английским, для этого следует позвонить по телефону 360-313-1250.
Want to have your students do something for others?

Here's a very simple activity that works for any age group, and that will mean a lot to the folks who are on the receiving end.