Amy Pohler

By: Josie knight

1. Life Brief

Amy Meredith Pohler is her full name. She grew up with a passion for drama and eventually took the path of acting . Pohler was born on September 16, 1971 , in Newton Massachusetts , and she grew up in nearby Burlington . Her parents are Eileen Pohler and William Pohler. She was raised as a Catholic in her childhood . She graduated from Burlington High School in 1989 , and then attended Boston College and graduated with a bachelors degree in media and communications in 1993. Later in her life , Pohler was married to Will Arnett until they divorced on April,8,2014. Will Arnett and Amy Pohler had 2 boys while they were married , the children's names are Archie and Abel. Amy Pohler is mainly an actress and comedian but she also did the following things , she was a writer, director, voice artist, and producer.

2. Background Symbolism

To me this backround is a range a beautiful colors and demands attention which descibes Amy Pohler's personality. This backround and Amy Pohler's personality reminds me of a ray of sunshine , “Everyone would gather around me at sunset, and the golden light would make my skin and hair beautiful as I told hilarious stories" (Pohler online).

3. Pick 3

1. When Amy Pohler was a teenager, she worked at an ice cream parlor called Chadwicks. "We wore old-timey outfits and had to bang a drum, play a kazoo, and sing "Happy Birthday" to people while giving them free birthday sundaes," she said.

2. Amy Pohler was one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 1999. The other founding members were Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.

3. Despite being a celebrity and tv comedian, she still likes to be down to earth and appears on YouTube with her Amy Poehler's Smart Girls series, where she interviews interesting girls .

4. Accomplishments

Amy Pohler is a successful actor, comedian, director, and writer. She started her career path of acting and comedy early . Right out of college Pohler joined diffrent improv groups , but her big break didn't happen until she got an offer to host a Segment of Saturday Night Live . She got the role on Saturday Night Live and then she co-anchored with Tina Fey for "The Weekend Update " segment. She was also seen in the famous movie Mean girls , as the cool mom written by her best friend ,Tina Fey. One of Pohler's most famous pieces of work though is the amazing Tv series , Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec. was definitely one of her big accomplishments because for the show she has many Emmy nominations as an actor , writer ,and producer. She is a very influential women and was seen on Times magazine of 100 most influential people .

5. Struggle

Amy Pohler didn't have to many struggles as she was growing up other than the usual teen insecurities , failed relationships ,and so on . When Pohler stepped into motherhood That is when her struggles really began. She struggled at balancing her two boys , her career , and the divorce she was going through with her husband. “Motherhood was a twenty-four-hour-a-day, all-encompassing job. It was the hardest job I had ever had,” (Pohler Online).

6. Mentor/ Friend

Amy Pohler had a friend from the start of her career , and her name was Tina Fey . Pohler and Fey were together in the beginning '90s at chicago's improv Olympic they also co- anchored Saturday Night Live for The Weekend Update segment. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler have been in various movies and TV shows together, for example, Sisters , Mean Girls, and Baby Mama. The duo seems more like sisters then best friends with how similar they are , “Often there is only one other person in the world who understands the very specific thing I am dealing with, and it’s Tina ” (Pohler Online).

7. Awards

Pohler is such an influential and successful actor that she has been nominated for 53 acting awards from 2005 all the way to 2016. Her biggest award yet has to be her Best Actress in Television series Musical or Comedy Golden Globe . The reason Amy Pohler won that award was because of Amy Pohler's crazy overachieving attitude , An example of her hard work would be that she wrote scripts , produced , and played a lead acting role for the Tv series Parks and Rec. She has also won the: Teen Choice award, Variety's power of Comedy award, Best Comedy actress , Outstanding Female Actress , and the Peabody award.

8. Hobbies / Interests

Most of Pohler's time and attention goes towards her two little boys. She enjoys spending time with them . With everything she is doing doesn't have enough time to have hobbies or interests at this time in her life. Pohler says , “Motherhood was a twenty-four-hour-a-day, all-encompassing job. It was the hardest job I had ever had" and , “A working mother is out at a function and people say, “What are you doing out? Don’t you have little kids? Who’s watching them?” ( Pohler Online).

9. Symbol

A camera is what represents Pohler the most because she Is always on camera and in action. She has made so many Tv shows and movies that it seems like that's all she does. Amy Pohler is meant for the life of the camera as an actor she is amazing. Pohler writes, “I have spent an inordinate amount of time on camera ” (Pohler Online).
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10. Friend or Foe

Pohler and I would definitely be friends . One reason I believe this is because I would love to be around her positive and hardworking attitude , and I think it would motivate me in my daily life. Another reason is because her awkward and funny personality matches mine . I love Amy Pohler and all of her funny quirks , and not to mention that I love her Tv series Parks and Rec.

11. Most Like.

Amy Pohler is most like Tina fey , they are so alike that some people call them sisters instead of friends . They both are in the same career industry and have been in a lot of movies and Tv with each other . They are both hilarious, beautiful, and know-it-alls.

12. Altruist or Egotist

I would say that Amy Pohler is Altruist because she is always looking to see how she can make other people feel better . An example of her being an altruist Is Amy Pohler's Smart Girls , where she supports younger girls and gives advice from an wise adult perspective. Pohler has also supported important charities such as Autism Speaks. Even in one of her Tv characters from Parks and Rec. works in the parks department and strives to make wherever she lives a better place in general.

13. Selfies

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14. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is the character that Amy Pohler plays in the hit Tv series Parks and Recreation . Leslie Knope is extremely cheerful, ambitious, hard-working and optimistic. She is firmly committed to the belief that government should provide a service for its people, and regularly goes above and beyond for the benefits of Pawnee's residents. She is an amazing character and I don't think that anyone but Amy Pohler could pull off playing Leslie . Leslie repeatedly tries to put a positive spin on failure, even to the point that she will occasionally distort the truth in her own view. For example, she does not get discouraged by angry residents who complain or yell during her public forums, but instead prefers to think of them as "people caring loudly at me". Pohler states, “He told me about a character he and Greg had created called Leslie Knope. She was an extremely low-level Parks and Recreation Department employee who had big dreams" (Pohler Online).

15. Recommendation

I recommend this book as a funny read, if you are looking to read a book that is fun and enjoyable to read as your learn about an amazing women's life then this is definitely a recommended book. This book is relatable to teens and give you a good laugh every time you turn the page .