Westwood Field Trip

Class F19

Natural History Museum Field Trip

Today at the Natural History Museum Westwood class F19 came here.24 students came, but two couldn't come. They came here to learn about the Kumeyaay , and a little about animals.

The first activity class F19 did was Kumeyaay centers. Each Kumeyaay center had two activities, and there were four centers. The first center I looked at was the plant center. At that center the first activity was to scrape a plant to make a pant brush, and the second activity was to put a piece of paper on a plant then color on it with a crayon. The next center I looked at was the story and pottery center. The first activity was making a story with mud and clay. Second activity was making a pot out of red clay.

The second to last center I looked at was the acorn mush and dice center. At that center they made acorn mush by cracking the acorns shell and taking out the inside then mashing it. The second activity was a dice game but I did not have time to look at it so I don't know how to play it. The last center was to look at bones and animal skin and figure out there uses and to try to catch a fake lizard. So to play the game you need a basket, a stick; two strings, and a fake lizard. First tie a piece of string to the fake lizard and the stick. Second balance the basket on one of the sticks branch. Third put the lizard on the other side of the basket the string must be under the basket. Last pull the lizard towards you and the other person that's playing will pull the stick to them to catch the lizard.

Next they watched Ocean Oasis it was about how people think about how animals feel.

The last thing they did was to look around the museum, but I was only able to look at the bottom floor. I saw F19 students looking at the beetles there were beetles with wing and without wings. Then it was time to go. The students went in to the bus and left.