How they croaked (Albert Einstein)

By; Alexis Eckelberry

All About Albert Einstein

History about Albert Einstein

Albert is known for being smart. Not just a common smart guy, but he was really smart to the point where he knew way more than he thought he did. When albert was born his head abnormally larger than the common new born, 4months after his birth his head was the "normal" size for a four month old baby. Later in life he went off and won many awards ne being a noble prize in physics. Physics is what e specialized in and majored in. Growing up he was like every other kid and wondered how things worked how they were made or how tings where invented, so as he got older he started research about the physics in life.
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Albert Einstein (Born)

Tuesday, Jan. 14th 1879 at 12am

Ulm, Germany

Ulm, BW

He was born into a Jewish family, just two years after he was born they had a little girl. Einstein and his sister Maja were very close growing up. When WW1 was going on she moved to the united states with him.
Albert Einstein- How I See the World

A special time in his life,

Albert was the man who made physics and mathematics improve by finding the energy of objects, he made E=mc^2 which is the formula for energy. Albert Einstein developed a theory about the relationship of mass and energy.The formula says energy E equals mass m times the speed of light c squared. In essence, it means mass is just one form of energy. Since the speed of light squared is an enormous number (186,000 miles per second 2, a small amount of mass can be converted to a phenomenal amount of energy. Or, if there's a lot of energy available, some energy can be converted to mass and a new particle can be created. Nuclear reactors, for instance, work because nuclear reactions convert small amounts of mass into large amounts of energy
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Interesting facts about Albert!

1. He has won many awards in his life time, but he wont the noble prize for physics.

2. He sett "rules" for his Wife, she had to do everything right.

3. He was a late talker he didn't speak proper English for a while.

4. He practical denied help when his artery bursted, and just let himself die.