Top 10 Tips for College Students

Arguably the 10 most important things for students.

#1: Take Charge!

Talk to yourself and get active about mastering your money!

#2: Get Organised!

If you work is neat and clean, you can be a financial machine!

(I'm Sorry)

When to start Organising

Wednesday, July 16th, 7am

Where you are Sitting

Right now, you have to start some where!

#3: Make School Your First Job

All of this has to have some meaning.
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#4: Protect your Personal Information

If you are never safe, you will always be at risk.

#5: Separate Wants from Needs

Know how you should spend your money. Don't waste it if your on a tight budget, and we both know that you are.

#6: Get Help if you get into Debt Trouble

Never be afraid to seek help, some people out there really know some good stuff. They're out there somewhere..

#7: Use Loans as a Last Resort

Avoiding loans will make your life outside of school much easier. Along with scholarships and financial aid, these techniques can save you financially.

#8: Talk to your Roommates about Money Issues

If you're drowning, they are can be there for you. Good relationships will pay off.

#9: Create a Budget and Stick to it

Knowing how and why you're spending can show your where you can cut back. Also, it sets barriers for you and can protect you from debt.

#10: Understand your Financial Aid

Know your personal situation and how to manage yourself, lest you fall behind.