Andrew Jackson: Good or evil?

Andrew Jackson

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson didn't like the National Bank because it was unconstitutional. It only supported the rich and wealthy. By the 1820's, everyone viewed the bank as being corrupt. Andrew Jackson killed the National Bank with his power to veto. So Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill.

War record (Battle of New Orleans)

The British attacked New Orleans to stop trade with Mississippi. Jackson gathered a lot of people to defend the city. The British were defeated. 2,500 British were killed or wounded to only 200 Americans.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian removal act was in the 1830's. It authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi river. They were moved to the lands in the west. The Indian Territory was now Oklahoma.
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King Andrew - political cartoon

This is Andrew Jackson dressed up as a king. The reason he is dressed up as a king is because people thought that he was overusing his power. The power he used more than any other previous president was the power to veto. Also people felt that he commands things and uses to much of his power, like a king.

Letter from a soldier (positive)

Hey Andrew jackson, I think you are a god! We defeated the British when they tried to attack New Orleans and stop trade with Mississippi. Also we destroyed them, 2,500 British were killed or wounded to only 200 americans. Killing the National bank was one of your best ideas yet! A lot felt that it was unconstitutional and only supported the rich and wealthy. Everyone thought it was corrupt.

Letter from a cherokee (negative)

hey Andrew Jackson, I think you are the devil! we lived in beautiful Georgia and you tricked us into going to Oklahoma. You said it was nice out there and it sucked!!! Georgia was way better! Also killing the national bank was a bad idea. It was really constitutional and didn't only support the rich and wealthy.