Monday Message 8-22-2022

Arrival/Dismissal Safety

TeSA Families,

Our car line moved a little faster every day last week, and we are confident that when everyone follows our procedures, we will be finished with dismissal by 4:00 p.m.! There are still a few safety concerns after-school we need everyone to note:

  • The student signs are designed to be cut in half and hung on a hanger. If you need one, we have extra!
  • Keep your sign on your rear-view mirror from the time you enter the parking lot until your child is in the car.
  • If you will carpool with another family, email tammy.smith@mytesa.org for additional signs.
  • If your child's name is misspelled or needs to be edited to a nickname, email tammy.smith@mytesa.org for a new sign.
  • Walk-up families must be in an actual parking spot in the front parking lot.

The arrival and dismissal procedures are still included toward the bottom of this newsletter. Please share these with anyone who may drop off or pick up your child. Thank you for helping keep all of our TeSA students, families, and staff safe!

Artistically & Academically Yours,

Betsy Compton, M.A., M.A.T., M.Ed.



MySchoolBucks is up and running! Please visit our website to create your free account and add funds to your child's account. With MySchoolBucks, you’ll also be able to view your student’s cafeteria purchases, receive low balance alerts, and set up AutoPay to automatically fund your account when balances are low.

If you need assistance with your account, you can find helpful how-to videos and answers to commonly asked questions by visiting MySchoolBucks.com. In addition, you can contact MySchoolBucks directly by logging into your account to start an online chat conversation or give them a call at (855) 832-5226.

For all other breakfast/lunch related questions, please contact denise.thomas@mytesa.org.

Student Allergies

Nurse Edna has reviewed all received medical forms, and at this time, we do not have any students with airborne food allergies. Therefore, all foods are welcome for lunch and snacks. If your child DOES have an airborne food allergy, please contact edna.robinson@mytesa.org immediately so we can make proper accommodations.

TeSA Accountability Ratings

The TEA accountability ratings are now public. We're proud to say TeSA increased from the last published ratings in every area! TeSA and FWAFA were also recently featured in an article in the Fort Worth Report. Our Chief Academic Officer, Anika Perkins was quoted to say, “We don’t just focus on academics, but just as our name states, it’s academics plus arts. We do it hand in hand, and I definitely know that plays a part in just how our students are able to perform so well.”

Visit TXschools.gov to see TeSA's scores.

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New COVID-19 Process Map

The 2022-2023 TCA+A Health Plan has not changed since last week, but we do have an updated COVID-19 Process Map to help you more easily navigate any potential COVID-19 exposure or case.

Questions about symptoms or other health concerns?

Contact edna.robinson@mytesa.org

Questions about attendance or remote conferencing?

Contact tammy.smith@mytesa.org

Questions about the TCA+A Health Policy or TeSA procedures?

Contact betsy.compton@mytesa.org

Repeated Information


All students are expected to attend school every day. If your child must be absent for any reason, please email your homeroom teacher and tammy.smith@mytesa.org. If the absence is due to a contagious disease, your child may attend Remote Conferencing to complete schoolwork and earn daily attendance. Assignments will be accessed through Google Classroom, and some online academic programs may also be utilized as needed. ONLY students with parent/doctor documentation of contagious symptoms may participate.

Remote Conferencing

Monday-Friday, 1:00-3:00 p.m.



Safety is our top priority, and that includes safety for our families in the driveline as well. Thank you for putting your cell phones away and driving 5 mph while circling the driveline. During the first week, our arrival and dismissal may back up as all parents, students, and new staff learn the procedures. You can expect significantly less time by the second week of school. Please review our procedures and share these with anyone else who will pick up your student(s).


*Parents should only enter the building through the front doors (facing Village Pkwy).

*Parents must go through the driveline or park in the front & walk their child to the side door.

*Driveline is one way only In the morning. We only use the outside lane.

*Students must exit the passenger side of the vehicle.

*Students need to be ready to exit the car immediately after stopping.

*Students are welcome to get out of the vehicle on their own. Our staff is there to help those who need it.


*K-1st will begin exiting the building at 3:30.

*2nd-5th (& younger siblings) will begin exiting at 3:45.

*A car sign needs to be visible from turning into the lot until your child is in the vehicle. A pants hanger is strongly recommended for easy access. (This is both how we help direct traffic coming in AND know your child is with you and that you can be directed out).

*Vehicles may not cut in front of others or change lanes.

*Students must enter the car on the passenger side.

*Vehicles should move forward as soon as possible. Extra time for buckling can be taken on the white lines past the dismissal area.

*If a spot is available, drivers may park in the front parking lot and walk to the trees (holding their car sign) to pick up their child.

Spirit Wear through PTO

The TeSA outerwear, spirit shirts, and PTO shirts are now available to purchase online!

Click HERE to purchase your comfy Uniform Outerwear, including TeSA logo sweaters, hoodies, and zipper hoodies.

Click HERE to purchase a red student Spirit Shirt (design 1) and a purple PTO shirt (design 2).

Spirit shirts from any school year sold through PTO can be worn with any approved uniform bottom or jeans every Friday!

TCA+A Gala

The TCA+A Gala will be held August 27th. We have missed celebrating with you all and look forward to gathering again at the Greatest Show in Fort Worth. This event is our largest fundraiser of the year benefiting all of TCA+A’s great organizations like TeSA.

Tickets are on sale now. In addition to purchasing tickets, there are a variety of ways our families can get involved. We need sponsors, auction items, and volunteer support. If you would like to help, look for more information on our website or email lauren.whitson@artsacademics.org.

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After School Conservatory Classes

TCA+A offers after school classes in Dance, Music, and Visual Arts that provide a great way for your student to add to their artistic training. Classes happen after school on both the TeSA and FWAFA campuses.

Click HERE to see class schedules, tuition prices, details, and the link to register.

For any additional questions please contact Sheyna Ferraro at sheyna.ferraro@artsacademics.org.

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