wren bates


Continent- Australia

Capital- Canberra

Population- 22,751,014

Area- 2,988,901

Main Language- English

Main Religion- Christian

Distance from capital to Washington D.C.- 9,897.12


The Australians LOVE to drink tea with milk and eat potato's, Posta & sandwiches. when they go out for dinner they always pay the water 10% tip and 90% tip to the owner. they eat 3 meals a day and have different food products. the Australians eat vary flavor less food then us


How the get around so fast you wonder the take taxis rail roads buses plans and even there own cars. They don't have a lot of people there the traffic inset as bad there

there main transportation is rail road is fast and cheep. It runs all night.


the housing is not good but not bad. a lot of houses are small. there houses are small a yard sometimes a back yard sometimes a up stairs. A lot of people live in apartments.

most people live in the city's.

things i would like to see and do in this contry

I would like to try there food and go on vacation there. Also go to see my favorite you tubers there. I would want to learn from an Australian about there culture more.
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