JPN I Test 1 analysis

Sept 2013

Purpose of this analysis

As of Sep 13, 40 out of 45 IAB students took the Test 1 and score average is 94.79%.

Overall, the test questions cover the material and the students master the content.

(< 80%: 1, 80% - < 90% : 5, > 90%: 34)

Therefore, the purpose of this analysis is to determine the weak areas of mastery to provide the additional instruction and learning material.

The Quiz Question Statistics under the Analytic Portals

The Quiz Question Statistics under the Analytic Portals show the top questions students answered incorrectly.

1. The number one error is the composition question which is more difficult to make the perfect answer. Students are encouraged to attend the synchronous session to practice the self-introduction and it is also practiced under the speaking and listening assignment. In the new Japanese I course under the development, the speaking and listening together with composing sentences will be practiced also in the discussion area.

2. The number 2 & 3 errors are on the culture topic and related vocabulary.

The culture topic and related vocabulary are introduced in the video lesson and also explained in the lesson material. Students also learn the culture topic in the discussion. To enforce the learning, I added material on the Japanese school and vocabulary using a learning site where students can explore with manga and anime. ( (

3. The number 4 error is on the particle

The particle is a special grammar portion of Japanese language and takes time for students to grasp the concept. I prepared additional particle material for the student for use as an extra credit practice

4. The number 5 error is on the hiragana.

For hiragana pracite, I added extra learning activity with flash cards. (