Mrs. Carter's Adventures

November 29-December 3, 2021

Welcome to my Smore. I am so excited to begin this school year. I will post what we are learning in class on here every week. So, buckle up and come along on our this year's adventures.


  • Reading - This week we will begin learning how to synthesize when reading.
  • Writing - We will continue to learn about verbs (past, present, and future tense), subject verb agreement, and writing a complete sentence. We will also learn the about adjectives, and continue with verbs, and nouns.
  • Phonics -We will continue develop word structure knowledge, print concepts, phonics, spelling, and decoding.
  • Math - This week we will begin comparing two digit numbers and continue composing and decomposing numbers.
  • Science - We will learn about soil and where water comes from.
  • Social Studies - We will review what we have already learned.

Spelling Words

block, hay, sigh, herd, play, inside, stay, back, bathtub, them, big, hatless

We will have a spelling test every Friday. Then sentence is worth extra points if spelled correctly using correct capitalization and punctuation.
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This Weeks Sight Words...Practice Me!

Level A- am, at, can, go, is, like, me, see, the, to

Level B- dad, he, in, it, look, mom, my, on, up, we

Level C- and, are, play, for, got, you, said, not, here, come

Level D-into, they, day, went, down, she, your, will, looking, where

Level E-who, back, her, away, this, all, over, big, want, with

Level F- came, have, help, next, now, one, some, then, was, what

Level G, H, I, didn't, don't, eat, from, give, good, make, of, out saw, were, when

Level A-C words need to be mastered to read at a level C. If your child has mastered all of these words that is awesome! If they have not please practice, practice, practice!!!

Developmentally a 1st grader should be reading at a Level D/E upon 1st grade entry.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me. I am available during my conference period (12:00-12:55), 903-737-7458. I am easiest to reach through email, I check it multiple times a day.
Contact us on Facebook. Search Justiss 1st Grade Crew to find us.
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