Blue whale


  • The blue whale is the largest animal ever known to have existed.
  • During the 20th century, the species was an important whaling target and even after it was protected and commercial whaling stopped in 1964.
  • At 98 ft in length and 190 tones or more in weight.
  • Blue whales have been found in every ocean of the world. Blue whales swim individually or in small groups. Pairs are very commonly seen.

Cause Of Endangered

  • Whaling plays a huge role in the death of blue whales. Many people hunt blue whales for sport or food. Although whaling activity is illegal, many people still practice this event, causing the blue whale population to diminish.
  • Blue whales are also killed by acts of nature, such as moving ice. Ice can severely injure a whale, which often results in the death of the whale.
  • As the blue whales' habitats become threatened by ships, environmental changes, and other non acts of nature, many blue whales fall victim to these circumstances.


  • to reduce the bycatch of blue whales and other marine mammals.
  • Implementing a number of ship strike reduction measures in southern and central California.