Beyond PowerPoint

Going Beyond PowerPoint to Present Instructional Content

How to give great presentations. An alternative to PowerPoint, Bullet Points, boring presentations

Session Objectives

In this session we will explore 5 different types of digital presentation tools that will enhance instruction as we move away from PowerPoint. These will include Prezi, Powtoon, Smore, Thinglink, and Glogster. You will leave this session prepared to move beyond Powerpoint with digital presentations that can created by both teacher and student.

Session Alignment with CCSS, TEAM, Digital Citizenship

CCSS: This can apply to any CC standard

TEAM Strand: Instruction- Presenting Instructional Content

Digital Citizenship Component: Internet Safety, Creative Credit & Copyright

ISTE Standard:

1. Creativity and innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct

knowledge, and develop innovative products and

processes using technology.

b. Create original works as a means of personal

or group expression

2. Communication and collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to

communicate and work collaboratively, including

at a distance, to support individual learning and

contribute to the learning of others.​

b. Communicate information and ideas effectively

to multiple audiences using a variety of media

and formats

Session Agenda

1)Intro video

2)Take a closer look at

  • Prezi
  • Powtoon
  • Smore
  • Thinglink
  • Glogster

3)Discussion of tools and instructional uses (Padlet)

4)Chose a tool to create a digital presentation of your own

5)Share ideas of products made

6)Discuss Rubistar as a grading method

7)Evaluate and dimiss

This Is the Moment
Thinglink webm 1
Padlet for Collaboration

Please open the Padlet below and add a response to the question.

How do I grade these projects???

Rubistar lets you create rubrics for your students so the expectations are clear and grading becomes less subjective.