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Monthly Webinar Series with great Perks for your Business!

Monthly Webinar Series that is a Sure fire Ways to Grow Your Business in Months!

Capitol Hill Strategy Solutions has created our Webinar Series, strictly with YOUR needs in mine. We have four webinars that you can sign up for today with additional perks!

1) Secure Grant Funding for Your Business or Non-Profit

2) How To Increase Your Visibility and Revenue through Digital Marketing

3) Your Vision for the Next 5 Years. How to Develop an Effective Business and Strategic Plan

4) Budgets and Business Credit: How to Use your Budget to Reach Potential Goals and Benchmarks

In addition to these webinars, six more will be added in the next week. We are dedicated to our goals for 2015 which ensures that Business Owners and Non-Profits have exclusive access to the knowledge that will drive their missions forward!

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HOT TOPIC: Budgets and Business Credit-How to Use Your Budget to Reach Potential Goals and Benchmarks

In this Webinar:

-What is included under the "personnel" section and how to calculate it?

-What level of detail do you need to include for non-personal expenses?

-How do you determine reasonable costs?

-What types of expenses can be included in "overhead" category?

-What financial documents will funders want to see?

-How do I build a strong line of business credit for my company or non-profit?

Enjoy these Perks for participating:

-One-hour FREE business consultation

-One-hour FREE financial consultation

-3 DIRECT contacts to investors and funders