Weekly Reminders

Wk 10 Term 2 - Week Commencing 27th June

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Lord, make us bearers of hope,

so that where there is darkness,

your light may shine,

and where there is discouragement,

confidence in the future may be reborn.

Lord, make us instruments of your justice,

so that where there is exclusion, fraternity may flourish,

and where there is greed, a spirit of sharing may grow.

Lord, make us builders of your Kingdom,

together with migrants and refugees

and with all who dwell on the peripheries.

Lord, let us learn how beautiful it is

to live together as brothers and sisters.


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For the 19,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in Australia on temporary protection visas and safe haven enterprise visas: That they may be granted permanent residence in Australia so that years of uncertainty and fear may end and they can begin to confidently plan their futures.

We pray to the Lord

For each and every one of the 217 people still waiting offshore in Papua New Guinea and Nauru: That their many years of anxiety and suffering will end soon with the provision of viable resettlement options.

We pray to the Lord

For the many refugees around the world waiting to find a place of safety and freedom:

That their need for certainty and security will be met with generous refugee and humanitarian intake commitments by Governments around the world, including the Australian Government.

We pray to the Lord

For refugees struggling to live with dignity in our region:

That the Australian Government will engage constructively with neighbouring Governments to offer them greater opportunity and paths to safety.

We pray to the Lord

For all refugees living in Australia and in offshore processing centres who face physical and mental health challenges:

That everything is done to eliminate those factors which have caused and continue to exacerbate their ill-health and that their existing health concerns be responded to with great generosity and compassion.

We pray to the Lord

For people of faith around Australia:

That they offer love, welcome and compassion to those who come to Australia seeking to begin a new life free from persecution and violence.

We pray to the Lord

For the many refugees in Australia who are separated from their families:

That the anxiety and heartbreak this causes may be met with a commitment to a generous Government family reunion program.

We pray to the Lord

For people seeking asylum who have died while on their journeys:

That they may assemble in the temple of the Lord and never be forgotten by those who have


We pray to the Lord

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Dear Families

I hope you have all had a good week and that the weekend ahead affords you some time to simply rest and enjoy your family.

Pupil Free Days

As per the St Emilie's Google Calendar, you are reminded that next Thursday and Friday (30th June,1st July) and the first Monday of next term (18th July) are PUPIL FREE DAYS for staff professional learning.

Parenting Matters

Parenting is such a privilege but we all know it is also really hard work at times and many of you are in a very busy time of your lives.

With school holidays just around the corner, parents are encouraged to try to start planning some activities for your kids to do that hopefully don't involve screen time. Brainstorming some free or low cost possibilities with your kids can also uncover some ideas that you might not have thought they would enjoy.

Clearly, parking a child in front of a screen or an online game is an easy thing to do and is ok for short periods of time (as long as the content is appropriate). However, keeping a device as just one activity on a list, is the ideal scenario for overall holiday wellbeing.

The Australian Child Wellbeing Project, surveyed a representative sample of 5440 Australian students in Years 4, 6 and 8 and included questions across the domains of family, health, friends and school, including about how often students feel they have fun together with their family and whether they believe they're living a good life.

At Year 4, family cohesion (fun/enjoyment) emerged as the strongest predictor of overall life satisfaction. More specifically, the proportion of students with higher life satisfaction was larger in the group of students who spent time together and had fun with their families on a regular basis. The next strongest predictor was school and teacher support.

By teacher support the survey asked the children whether there was someone in the school, it didn't have to be a teacher, but some other adult, who believes they can be a success. It didn't have to be academic success, but basically someone who believes in them – where they got good vibes and felt precious/known and where someone pays attention to you.

So, to try and set our kids up for a happy life as an adult, both your family and our school, need to keep focusing on helping our kids to stay connected and engaged with us and to have some fun along the way !

Refugee Week Theme - HEALING

Australia and the rest of the world have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hit the reset button on how we behave towards one another. The importance of human connections has been underscored by the pandemic and such lessons can help us in so many ways. Mainstream and refugee communities alike can draw upon shared hardship to heal wounds, to learn from each other and to move forward. Healing can occur through storytelling, through community and also through realisation of our intrinsic interconnectedness as individuals.

Year 1-6 Parents

A friendly reminder that one thing the COVID pandemic has taught all schools is that children were more settled, more independent and ready to start the school day, when their parents didn't drop them to the classroom door.

If you have a child in Year 1-6 you are asked to please release them close to the Office area rather than walk them all the way to the classroom door. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

If you need to contact your child's teacher, please either email or make an appointment.

P&F Events for Term 3 and 4 and what are they fundraising for?

This year we are busily saving for the new Year 3-6 playground equipment

In addition, P&F funds this year will be used to offset some of the cost of:

  • Mathletics
  • Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress
  • Literacy Pro
  • Sport Equipment
  • Digital Tech resources
  • Library books

Term 3

  • MOPS Morning Tea with Kylie Goodes - Social Worker - Thursday 21st July
  • Guest Speaker Paul Litherland - CYBER SAFETY Talk - 3rd August
  • P&F Pasta Day - Friday 5th August
  • P&F Family Breakfast - 2nd September
  • House Carnival - 16th September
  • P&F Peg Fundraiser - more information coming soon!
  • Bully Zero In-class workshops for children - 26 & 27 October

Term 4

  • Graduation Dinner - Tuesday 6th December
  • Colour Fun Run - (in school time ) - 21st October
  • Edu-dance Concert - Friday 2nd December


Reports will be available on SEQTA Engage by Tuesday afternoon, 28th June 2022.

Crazy Hair Day

Many thanks for supporting your children on our Crazy Hair Day today. All monies will go to Lifelink whose various agencies support so may West Australians in need.

All the very best everyone!

Kindest regards

Tania Thuijs


Refugee Myths and Facts

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St Emilie's School Website Link

All parents are expected to refer to the St Emilie's Google Calendar to stay informed of upcoming events.

This live calendar is located on the FRONT PAGE of our school website and has the most up to date information for families.

The Weekly Reminders Newsletter is emailed each Friday afternoon and is also posted on the School Website.

Thank you to the wonderful P&F team!

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Many, many thanks to our generous and hard working P&F team pictured above. They have a plan for the way ahead and are a generous, positive, fun-loving bunch! All parents are welcome to join us twice a term in the staffroom. Dates are advertised on the Google Calendar.
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The Peg Fundraiser Order Form will come home next week!
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Paul Litherland - Cyber Safety Educator and Campaigner

2022_WA_AOTY_Paul Litherland

Paul Litherland is coming to St Emilie's!


In the last five years of his career as a police officer in Western Australia, Paul Litherland worked in the force’s Technology Crime Unit. While there, he became acutely aware of just how vulnerable kids were on the internet. He also felt frustration at the lack of legislation available to help fight internet crime.

In response, Paul began conducting cyber safety presentations at schools. By 2014, he’d turned his passion into a business – founding Surf Online Safe to educate teachers, students and parents about internet awareness and safety.

Today he’s one of Australia’s leading experts in the field. A highly sought-after speaker, Paul has spoken at more than 550 schools and organisations across the country, sharing his cyber safety educational presentations with upwards of 250,000 people.

Paul experienced a terrible motorbike accident in 2004 where he was initially told he’d never walk or work again. Despite this, he defied the odds and has gone on to be an inspiration to many.

We look forward to him speaking with our kids and parent community here at St Emilie's next term.

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Important Letter regarding Accessing your Child's Report for Semester One

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Week 10 Focus : Don't let anything Steal your JOY!

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When an individual receives a COVID-19 positive result, the individual is deemed by WA Health unlikely to suffer from re-infection for a period of 12 weeks. Therefore, further Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) testing when subsequently unwell is not required, as a COVID-19 positive result may be returned throughout this period while the initial virus is being shed.

However, where a person is unwell within their 12-week period and are showing symptoms of COVID-19, WA Health reiterate that the impacted person should remain home until symptoms subside, particularly where symptoms are respiratory in nature (e.g. productive cough).

Scenario 1:

Student A tested positive to COVID-19 on 22 May 2022 at 1:00pm.
Student A completed their isolation on 29 May at 1:01pm.
Student A has had a family member test positive to COVID on 17 June 2022.
Student A is feeling unwell on 19 June 2022, with a productive cough.
Student A is not required to take a RAT, but stays home until the cough subsides.
Student A returns to school on 22 June 2022 when the respiratory symptoms subside,

and the student is feeling well.

Scenario 2:

Student B tested positive to COVID-19 on 12 May 2022 at 4:00pm.
Student B completed their isolation on 19 May 2022 at 4:01pm.
Student B has had a family member test positive to COVID on 10 June 2022.
Student B is feeling well, but is instructed to take a RAT by their parent.
Student B returns a positive RAT result, but is not symptomatic of COVID-19.
Student B is permitted to attend school, providing the student feels well

and is asymptomatic.

All unwell COVID-19 symptomatic students should remain home and refrain from coming to school.

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Leaving early

1. While we understand it is difficult to make specialist appointments outside of school hours, we strongly encourage you to do so where possible.

2. Please ensure you are emailing the class teacher along with admin If your child is going to be taken out of school for an appointment early.

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School Social Worker

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Numero – Family and Home Use

Join this fun, hands-on workshop to see what Numero can do for your children! This workshop is for parents and/or children from age 10+. Learn to play the game and see how it will improve maths for the whole family!

For your children, this will improve maths in all areas, not just basic numeracy, although that is part of it, but also with their fluency, problem solving and general understanding of concepts.

Whilst this workshop is designed for children aged 10+ parents will also see how they can use Numero with any younger children, as Numero can be played from about the age of 3.

This workshop is also suitable for teachers who wish to learn how to play Numero and introduce it to their class.

Julie is the Numero specialist and her passion for this game is contagious!

Date: 12 July 2022
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: MAWA Office, 12 Cobbler Place Mirrabooka
Cost: From $20 for members and from $30 for non-members
Register: HERE

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A Girl Power Workshop is being run during the July school holidays in our local area.

This workshop aims to help support girls to celebrate their individuality and identify their unique strengths.

Through fun activities, we guide them in how to identify and develop positive relationships and navigate friendship challenges. The girls are taught practical means to help them sleep better, handle anxiety and overwhelm, and negotiate their emotions in real-time, by understanding a growth mindset to become more resilient.

Girls come away from a knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives, and with increased social awareness.

Suitable for ages: 9 – 11 (flexible depending on maturity).

Date: Tuesday 12th July

Time: 9.30 am – 2.00 pm

Location: Baker's House - Kids Activity Room, 10 Welcome Meander HARRISDALE

: - https://events.humanitix.com/girl-power-workshop-harrisdale

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The City of Gosnells has a number of wonderful programs for children of all ages, at a number of locations.

For more information on any of the programs please check out their website HERE

You might also like to follow their Facebook page by clicking


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Eucharist Workshop - Year 4 Families

Parents of Year Four children who will be making their First Holy Communion are advised that the Eucharist Workshops will be held online. More information and links will be sent home prior to the end of the term.

Please note the Sacrament of 1st Eucharist Masses for 2022 will be held on the following dates:

Saturday 20th August at 6pm Mass

Sunday 21st August at 9.30am Mass

Sunday 21st August at 5pm Mass

Parish Bulletin for this Weekend's Masses

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St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au


Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au

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Uniform Shop Contact Information

Image Embroidery Contact details below:

Phone: 08 9456 2324

Fax: 08 9456 2325

Email: mailto:info@imageembroidery.com.au

Address: 26 Tulloch Way, Canning Vale WA 6155

Follow this link to:

St Emilie's Uniform Procedure


Trading Hours

Monday - Thursday:8:30am – 5pm

Friday:8:30am – 4.30pm

Saturday – Sunday:CLOSED

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Keyed Up Music


Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, keyboard, voice, violin, and drum lessons in Term 3 after school. Lessons start from $19.80 for a small group, voice and drums start from $24.75 for 20min individual. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning an any of the above instrument or learning to sing, please call Savanna on 0479 171 424 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form

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