Carbon Dioxide emission

By: Jordana Bolt

What is an Ecological footprint?

An ecological footprint is the strain that humans put the earth through. We are the worst thing that has happened to the Earth, people have argued this fact.

Long term effects of Co2...

The long term effects from co2 can vary. Too much co2 emitted into the atmosphere can destroy the Ozone Layer and we need the Ozone Layer for us to stay alive. Whenever the Ozone Layer gets destroyed there will not be any life left.

Short time effects...

Some of the short time effects include becoming sick. We also might loose some of our resources that we don't have a lot of. We need to preserve the resources we have before we run out of them.

5 Factors of co2...

Some of the Factors that emit the most co2 include smoke stacks, cars, not recycling, harmful light bulbs, not unplugging cords when we can. These factors are ones that are using the most energy and emitting co2.