Looking For A Paw-tner

Sabrina Collings

About Me

Mrow! My name is Celia, and I am the friendliest cat you'll ever meet. I'm a Siberian cat, and that means lots of fur (It's silky, too) to keep you warm when it gets cold. I'm a mammal, and I walk on four legs. I'm looking for a member of the Aves class to cuddle with, and have mew-vie nights with. I mean, paw-lease? Who wouldn't want to date me? I'm funny, outgoing, and completely claw-some!

What I'm Looking For

Lemme be honest, I have a soft spot for birds. Your feathers are so delicate, and would be the perfect compliment to my soft fur. Plus, you're warm-blooded like me! I even wrote a song about our love!

A mewment like this,

Some kittens wait a lifetime,

For a mewment like this,

Some kittens wait forever, for that one special hiss.

I'm sure that we'd make a purr-fect couple. If you're an Aves, and you're single, contact me down below!