Please Stop Laughing At Me

Jodee Blanco

Book Summary

Jodee is a younger girl that is very bright. She does have a man issue in this book though. Her life gets ripped apart from getting bullied. The worst part of it is she get rock thrown at her and get notes that say super bad things like "you suck B****". This could kill someones life at this age it is so bad. Literally they could attempt suicide or hurt them self to an extreme level. Jodee was a smart girl though and wouldn't do that stuff to her until she would maybe do it when the rocks were thrown at her.

About Jodee Blanco

Jodee was a real person and everything that happened in this book actually happened in real life. Jodee Blanco grew up and became a speaker like she wanted to be and went around to thousands of schools to tell kids about how she was bullied and how to stand up to it and how to stop it.


The conflict was character vs society and i say this because all that happens is she goes up against basically the society or the entire school. The entire school bullies her and no one really wants to be her friend which is why she only makes a few threw out the entire book.

The resolution of the story is when she goes to a high school reunion and when she gets there she stays in the car thinking if they will still hate her, but she goes in and they welcome her and she ends up getting invited to a drink with them. She has lots of fun and ca finally forgive them all for making it up.


I think the theme of please stop laughing at me is to teach you what bulling can do to people and teach you ho to stand up to it and what to do. I guess it just plain out helps you if you are getting bullied and if you are getting bullied it can help you or someone on this world get thorough with out hurting themselves or by putting someone in danger.

Book review

The review that i give this book is a 4 out of 5 stars because it was a very good book and is very good for telling people on how bad this can be and if they are a bully and they read this book it could change their prospective on bulling. There are some flaws though because this all happened so quick and it does seem kid of unrealistic to get almost bullied by the entire school. This is why I took a star off and if she would have got 5 stars it would ha e to be a little more spaced out in my opinion.

textual evidence

This book has some very, very emotional scenes for some people they might break down out some parts. People that read the end might break down when it say "Should i go in because i don't know if they they will remember me or still hate me". At this moment Any very emotional people would probably break down.
Jodee Blanco to NOMS


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