on our way to paris

by payton gibson

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people coming along

the people coming along is my mom Kristel, me Payton, Morgan, Breanna, Alexis, Haleigh

tickets and how were geting there

To get to Paris from where I live you would have to catch a flight in New York so I would have to take to trips to get to one place. The tickets to New York are $550 per person and there are six of us going so that would be $2750 to get to where the Paris flight takes off. And the Paris flight is $1300 per person so that would be $6500 for the whole thing.

paris hotels

There is a five star hotel in Paris called the Napoleon Hotel it is a five star hotel and there is two connecting rooms for the big trip. The price of that is $4,836 but that is for six nights and four people, that also includes the V.I.P package

things to do

My top priority if I went to Paris is I would have to go see the Eiffel Tower, can go to Disneyland in Paris; you can also go and see the outstanding fountain show.

the price

If you want to get there in peace and have a good time on your way there that will cost about $6500. If you want to go and visit the Eiffel Tower and some other places and not have a wait that will cost about $600 which all comes down to $7100.