Temperature Related Emergencies

Cold & Hot


-Heat Rash
-Heat Cramps
-Heat Syncope
-Heat Exhaustion
-Heat Stroke

*Heat Rash- skin irritation caused by excessive sweating
Treatment- move to a cooler spot, keep the area dry and maybe apply dusting power to have relief
*Heat Cramps- occurs when someone is working in hot temperatures for long periods of time
Treatment- Remove the victim from the hot area, hydrate the victim with juice, have the victim rest and seek medical attention
*Heat Syncope- fainting episode or dizziness that occurs with prolonged standing
Treatment- have the person sit or lay down in a cool area, have the victim slowly drink something cold
*Frostbite - occurs whenever tissues freezes. Most often effects the hands, toes, nose, ears, and cheeks
Treatment- Call E-M-S, remove the victim from the cold environment, try not to walk or use any area affected by frostbite then Warm the body affected by body heat not a heating pad.
*Hypothermia- Abnormally low body temperatures due to being in the cold too long
Treatment- Call 9-1-1, remove any wet clothes and place the victim in somewhere warmer, warm the center of the body first ( chest, neck, head, and groin using an electric heater) Give them warm drinks, that could help higher temperatures