The Sun

(The sun is the biggest star to us.)


-The sun is located about 26,000 years of light away from the center of the milky way.
-The sun orbits the galaxy in 250,000,000 years.
-The sun is located 92,960,000 miles from earth
The Sun

Physical propertys

-The radius of the sun is times 109 of earths radius.

-The distance the sun is from the earth is 215 radius.

-The sun has a slightly fuzzy surface.

-The sun is almost spherical.


What makes a shadow in the day, an escape at night, and gives the human body Vitamin D
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10 Amazing facts


The diameter of the sun is 875,000 miles, divide that by 2 to find the radius witch is 437,500, Multiply the diameter by 3 to get 2,625,000 miles as your circumference.