Internet making our brain different


The article talks about how the internet is not making us dumb but actually making us more intelligent. By us being able to access so much information it helps us improve our intelligence. The way a person uses the internet is what will effect their intelligences. For instances in thee article the author states, "an adult's IQ can be influenced much either way by reading anything, and I would guess that smart people will use the Internet for smart things and stupid people will use it for stupid things in the same way that smart people read literature and stupid people read crap fiction". The author is saying that you determined your intelligences and that the internet can be helpful tool for those who want to use it correctly. She also talks about how together humans will become smarter in technology by helping each other and teaching each other how to use it correctly.


  1. What are some examples as to why Google is making us dumb?
  2. If the internet is suppose to make us smarter why are people still using it for stupid reasons?
  3. How does email stimulate putting ideas in to writing?
  4. Who is to say that the shifting of our brain in order to use this new technology is a good thing? Why would we want to change the way we have thought for decades?
  5. DO people realize the shifting of how we think?


The article simply talks about how internet is helping to increase to increase our intelligences. It matters to us because we are the generation going through these debates about the internet helping us or not. It is important for us to know how this new technology is going to help us in a positive and negative way. The internet is going to be a part of our lives till we die. It is always going to be a part of our everyday lives.