Republique des Seychelles / Alondra Gatling

All About Seychelles

  • Capital: Victoria
  • Population : 90'024

How many people speak french & What other language is spoken ?

The main language there is french based Creole & Seselwa.

They also speak English and varieties of African tribe languages.

On What Continent is Seychelles located ?

Seychelles is located in the African continent.

What are there people called ? / Currency ?

They are called Seychellios.

Name of money & color ? : Rupee is the name of there money.

Colors are

10 $ ; Bleu

20 $ ; Violet

25$ : Juane




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Map Color Meanings

Blue - depicts the sky & the sea that surrounds Seychelles.

Yellow- Depicts the sun ( which gives life & light)

Red- Symbolises the peoples determination for a brighter future

White-represents social justice and harmony

Green-land and natural enviorment