WWI Motorcycles

Spencer Griggs

Most of us are familiar with tanks, Hum-vees, and other land-based vehicles used in the military. Big, heavily-armored, and relatively slow, the typical vehicle used in combat operations puts protective armor and heavy firepower at a premium over speed and agility. But this makes perfect sense on the battlefield; when bullets and frag can come from any direction, the sound of rounds bouncing off a few inches of steel would be pretty reassuring!

With that said, the motorcycle seems like a poor choice for combat. They have no armor, leave the operator totally exposed, can easily be damaged, and let’s face it – they’re dangerous even without the threat of the enemy present!

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The motorcycle first saw large-scale deployment in WWI. While commonly associated with stagnant, immobile trench warfare, it is often forgotten that motorcycles were actually one of the most prolific tools in the Allied arsenal
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