BTT1O Mid-Term


Prezi is a presentation software that is different than most. This is because instead of having slides it uses one sheet but it just moves and zooms and rotates around to reveal different text and pictures. We looked at prezi because we were working on different presentation software including Haiku Deck and Powtoon.

What I Learned

I learned that you can make text fade in to slides. I have expanded on this to find a way to make the text also fade out. Used in the right way this can make very interesting Prezis.


Gimp is a photo editing software. You can crop, re-size, and draw pictures. We use this when we need to shrink images sizes and other drawings. You can also remove certain colours resulting in the ability to do a green screen. Here is how

Hit delete and voila you are done!

Google Documents

With Google Documents you can create, share, and comment on it. We used this for the majority of our work in class. You can add graphs and do a lot of stuff. A main feature of it is since it is internet based you can access it anywhere. You can also make custom word shortcuts quite simply.
If you go under the tools tab and click preferences. Here you can type anything you want under the replace and the with columns. After that point when ever you type the word in Google Documents but if you want to temporarily disable it you can uncheck the box left and to delete it click the X on the right