The Titanic

The only floating mansion to leave the harbor!

For only 52,700 dollars you can get a first class ticket!

First class tickets have state of the art rooms, and placement, you will be close to all of your entertainment. And if you are paranoid of ships sinking. You're on the top of an unsinkable ship. There's no way you could get wet! Our first-class rooms include an extra comfortable mattress that's big enough to fit a king. For the first class customers, you get a full bathroom including 2 sinks and a single person bath.

The titanic is truly a colossal ship.

The titanic is a large ship 883' is a long ways to walk from the front to the back!

This ship is leaving on may 31st 1911! So be prepared to get your ticket early, The ship is setting sale from Ireland to New York!

Second class accommodations

The second class accommodations resemble a hotel room. It's slightly larger and cleaner. But is still smaller than the 1st class room!

3rd class accomodations

The 3rd class accommodations resembled boiler rooms, that didn't have painted walls, but it did have exposed pipes with little to no cushioning on your bed. If you're ready for you magical journey you should go with the 1st class ticket.