Paying It Forward

Ms. Plier's Class Project

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What does it mean?

What does Pay it Forward mean?Paying it Forward is like a chain of acts of kindness and it keeps on going.When you pay it forward it can bring out happines in someone and it can help people in need.Paying it forward is different from paying someone back because when you pay it forward you don't have to be asked. Also the lady or man that you give it to she will maybe pay it forward for someone else. Paying it Forward is a great thing to do! You need to pay it forward!

How can we do it?

. You can let a car beside you go first cause they might be in a hurry.

. You could help a old lady across the street.

. Younger people can go to nursing homes and give older people flowers

.When you are in Chickfila someone in front of you can pay for your food and you can pay for the people behind you.

.A kid can hold a door for a teacher.

.When a teacher is standing in the area where a poster is about to fall you can move her out of the way.

.If a car is coming and a person does not see the car and a person is behind them they could hold them back.

.When a lady is coming of a bus and her stroller want come off of the bus a man could help her when he is about to get on.

.When a girl does not get a prize a girl can give that girl a prize.

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