Benefits of Manual Transmissions

The ultimate control in driving, safety, and economy

The difference in driving manual transmission cars compared to automatic

  • 3 pedals instead of 2 (Clutch, Brake, Accelerator)
  • A hand shifter with a number gears (instead of PRND)
  • Ability to change gears by yourself


  • Manual transmissions require more dedication to the road and reduces road accidents caused by distraction
  • Texting and drunk driving is reduced due to the nature of driving a manual car.


  • Manual transmission get an average 15-20% better fuel economy than most automatic transmissions.
  • Coasting in neutral saves fuel when braking.


  • Manuals offer so much more control with the vehicle.
  • Engine Breaking- Downshifting with manuals allows the car to brake faster and save the brakes of the car.
  • Manuals allow many techniques not possible with automatics such as- Heel/Toe downshift, Double clutching, skipping gears, coasting in neutral, and many more!
  • All increases the fun and enjoyment of driving.